Monday, October 31, 2016

Hollywood Actor Sylvester Stallone Delighted To See 'The Fighting Senator' Manny Pacquiao

By Alon Calinao Dy: Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone known as a "legendary Rocky Balboa" was delighted to see the fighting senator of the Philippines train on his upcoming fight against the defending WBO Welterweight Champion Jessie Vargas on Nov. 5 at Las Vegas.

After the Hollywood actor watched the training of Pacquiao at Wild Card gym in Hollywood yesterday, he couldn't believe that Pacquiao still has it. 

The Filipino boxing champion has the speed and power that makes his every opponent tremble as if Pacquiao remained as one of the best fighters in the world.

In one of the books of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy entitled "Manny Pacquiao: A True Filipino Pride And A Hero" available on Amazon, he said "Pacquiao has shot down the biggest names in the world of boxing..." 

Despite some critics against the comeback of Pacquiao inside the ring, Pacquiao's boxing followers remained positive that the 'Nation's Fist' is going to win the fight against Vargas. 

Indeed, Pacquiao stated that he wants to be the only fighting senator in the sports of boxing that garnered many world titles in different weight divisions. He wants to add more legacy to his name than just retire as a Philippine politician. That's one of the reasons why he kept fighting...

Friday, October 28, 2016

Former President Aquino Denies Senator Leila De Lima's Involvement in Illegal Drug Trade

By Alon Calinao Dy: Ex-president Aquino did not believe that his former Justice Secretary who is now a senator is involved in a big syndicate of alleged proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines particularly inside the New Bilibid Prison.

It seems the former Aquino administration did not know what his people were doing as if things were out of control and could not monitor what happened inside the maximum prison in Muntinlupa City.

Imagine, who would have thought that the supposedly the most strict prison in the Philippines could be the place of narcotics trade where high-profile drug inmates could do anything they want to do.

Many Filipinos became frustrated about this old, corrupt system of the government wherein one could no longer trust some law enforcers, judges and politicians because the fear that they might be involved in these criminal activities.

Netizens already knew that both former president PNoy Aquino and Sen. De Lima have a deep friendship between each other; and so Filipinos no longer care for what the ex-president said, as if he doesn't have a credibility now.

Mr. Alon Dy  wrote on his blog that "one way on how to make people believe in you is to be true to yourself." If someone is denying something that is true, then he is losing his credibility. That's want he wanted to say.

Now, a lot of netizens are frustrated why some corrupt politicians in the government can freely do what they want to do even if there are pending cases against them. The only reason why people see is that Philippines has slowest justice system in the world.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Man Regrets Putting Tattoo Of Senator Leila De Lima In His Leg

By Alon Calinao Dy: A netizen identified, Jay Ar Castillo Dingsalan, on social media is looking for help for someone who has a knowledge on how to erase he tattooed Sen. Leila De Lima's face in his leg.

Mr. Dingsalan admitted that he idolized De Lima because he thought she was a good public servant and the one who exposed rampant illegal drug trade in the Philippines. But he was wrong about her. 

It seems Mr. Dingsalan was frustrated about his former idol. He seeked help for someone who could erase the tattoo as to forget about Sen. De Lima. For him, it seems it was all about a nightmare.

Nowadays, the lady senator is allegedly facing different cases regarding her involvement to illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. Also, high-profile drug lords and inmates pointed out that De Lima received drug money from them according to many news reports. 

Mr. Alon Dy wrote on his blog saying "the job of the President and honest law enforcers are so hard because these drug syndicates might involve some judges, policemen and high-ranking politicians as mentioned by the president who continue to hide as if they are not involved and totally innocent about the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines."

Guy’s I need Your Help Baka may kakilala kayo na nagbubura ng Tattoo , Year 2010 ko pa to Pina-Tattoo kase akala ko talaga mabait sya kaya Inidolo ko sya , Ngayon Alam ko na ang Lahat Gusto ko na sanang Ipabura , Hiyang-hiya na Ako , Hinde Ako makagala sa Mall ng nakasuot ng SHORT kase Halos lahat Pinagtitinginan yung Tattoo ko at Pinagtatawanan Ako . kaya naisipan ko na Tapalan nalang ng Pentel Pen pansamantala sa tuwing gagala ako sa Mall ng Naka Short , Ang dami nagtatanong sakin kung baket palage Ako nakapants sa tuwing lalabas ako ng Bahay kahet bibili lang sa Tindahan at sa tuwing magba-basketball , Eto po kase yung dahilan. kaya sa mga nagbabalak na magpa Tattoo dyan , Pag isipan nyo muna kung anong ipapatattoo nyo .

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Man Delivered A Baby Boy In The UK

By Alon Calinao Dy: The man in the UK who originally born as a woman, delivered a healthy baby boy in one of the most prestigious  hospitals there. This images below went viral to different sites.

The 30-year-old man cried after the baby was delivered by the healthcare officials.

The partner Joanna of a man who had a baby said that at least her partner was very excited to see the baby that made everyone at the hospital in tears of joy.

The lesbian they called a man is now happy to be with her baby. the couple focus on how to be good parents for their child. 

Many wondered who was the father of the child. The unnamed man chose not to reveal who is the real father but what is important for her is on how to raise the baby boy well.

Manong Taxi Driver Pinarangalan Ng San Mateo Police Sa Paghatid Ng Babaeng Lasing

By Alon Calinao Dy: I think there is nothing wrong with alcoholic beverages if you know your limit and have a friend who can drive you home safely or a friend who will not do harm and take advantage of you when you get drunk.

Drinking can be fun for other people and most of the time when there are important celebrations and important events, people usually tend to get drunk. 

Though health concious people say "drinking can be called a fun activity and at the same time can turn out as a disaster for some guests." 

The drunk woman at the taxi fell asleep while she was going home. The good taxi driver delivered her to the nearest San Mateo Police Station where the law officers in that area honoured the kindness of the taxi driver. 

Photos of a drunk woman 


Dahil sa kalasingan isang babae ang nakatulog sa loob ng taxi at inihatid ng taxi driver sa himpilan ng San Mateo Police Station,San Mateo,Rizal. Hindi malaman ng driver kung saan ito ihahatid kaya magmabuting loob ang driver...

Buti nlng mabait ung driver kung nagkataon...napahamak ka na girl...

Lesson to Learn kung iinum magtira ng pang uwi 👍" 
 --San Mateo Police Station

Drug Lord Kerwin Espinosa To Name Mayors, Governors And Congressmen Involved in Illegal Drug Trade

By Alon Calinao Dy: After suspected Drug Lord Kerwin Espinosa captured in Abu Dhabi a couple of days ago, his cohorts in a big Espinosa group Syndicate were also arrested by the law enforcers. 

Kerwin Espinosa, also known as "BOSS K," is said to reveal the names of mayors, governors and congressmen who are involved in narcotics trade in the coming days.

Last August, Kerwin Espinosa's father, Albuera Mayor Roland Espinosa of Leyte province admitted that his son was a drug lord and operating his drug business in the Eastern Visayas. 

Mr. Alon Dy wrote on his blog saying that "President Duterte will not stop looking those corrupt government officials who are kingpins of illegal drug trade in the Philippines." 

Drugs have been a major problem for countries for a very long time. Sadly, some countries do not have strong leaders as President Duterte who would stop narcotics trade. 

Though these nations have strict laws about illegal drug trade as they have a capital punishment, abuse of drug use has become an enormous danger for everyone. In the Philippines, Filipinos expect that the government would continue their campaign against illegal drug trade.

Kerwin Espinosa and his group members should reveal the people behind the proliferation of narcotics trade in the country. Sandra Cam also believed that the younger Espinosa might reveal those corrupt government officials involving mayors, governors, congressmen, and generals.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Former DILG Mar Roxas and DSWD Dinky Soliman To Face Charges On Super Typhoon Yolanda

By Alon Calinao Dy: Filipinos could no longer what happened to thousands of Filipinos who died in Super Typhoon Yolanda last November 2013 in which it almost destroyed the many parts of Eastern Visayas and other regions in the Philippines. 

Now Filipinos especially those victims of Yolanda, internationally known as Haiyan, want those corrupt government officials to put them behind bars after the donations coming from different countries had not been distributed properly and most of these food items had been spoiled and expired.

Reports show that victims are now allegedly blaming former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and DSWD Secrerary Dinky Soliman who were responsible for the alleged corruption of money donation and a lot of relief goods that were not disseminated to the Yolanda casualties.

Reports also show that Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon is planninh to arrange a meeting to Roxas and Soliman about these accusations of corruption during the Aquino administration since over the said billions of donations around the world had been gone without a trace.

Mr. Alon Dy on his blog said "Yolanda survivors are still waiting for the cash donations and relief goods that supposedly intended to help them..."  But the big question mark: where are these donations now?

Until now, the loss of cash donations is a big mystery that can't be resolved by the former Aquino administration. Those victims who lost their houses, jobs, family members, and almost everything are still expecting financial support and assistance from the local government unit and national government. But, why these cash donations from NGOs, foundations, and countries around the globe had suddenly been disappeared.

Monday, October 24, 2016

President Duterte To Make Philippines A Great Country

By Alon Calinao Dy: One of the best things happened in the Philippines is to have a trusted president who has a genuine love for the poor. 
Me and my daughter

My friends asked me several times, "hey Mr. Alon Dy, why do you still believe to President Duterte when he is selling Philippines to China? I gave them my honest yet straightforward answers.

First, I was glad that my friends asked me this question. But of course, I was surprised to hear this. I don't think our president would do such thing. 

I believe no one has a right to sell it even if you are the most powerful person in the Philippines; not even Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who allegedly sold the Scarborough Shoal to China during Aquino administration.

All the while I was thinking that question again. Hey Mr. Alon Dy, What if President Duterte is really selling the Philippines to China? "Hell no, some Filipinos especially his critics just got paranoid," I said to myself.

Honestly, I have so much trust to President Duterte. The moment I voted him last May elections was the time I put the lives of Filipinos in his hands who were hoping for the good governance in our country. Until now I do not actually regret the thing I've done. I'm very proud I voted President Duterte and he won.

It's hard toknow the reasons why some Filipinos do not like President Duterte and why they continue to criticize the current administration with their hated words and twisted lies. Attack. Attack. Attack.

I believe President Duterte is doing everything he can to bring back the respect and trust of other countries. He made the whole world to see that Filipinos are not anyone's slaves who get demoralized easily. Filipino people are strong and resilient as they have too much respect for themselves.

Every time I see people say there is no way we can do it.  I was asking, what?!? Some Filipinos should get rid of their negative thoughts and should think positive things at all times. 

Yes, everywhere you turn there are many people who would make you feel uncomfortable and turn you down. Some of them are just around you. 

I'd say that it's better to find people who see the bright side of you and always believe that everything is just fine as what President Duterte is presently doing to hopeless Filipinos out there.

President Duterte believes that Philippines can be a great nation if only Filipinos are united as one. Like what Ferdinand Foch said, "the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." I think if Filipinos will come together and do better things, I believe the darkest nights for them would the brighter ones that shine against all odds.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Do You Believe That Philippines is Owned By One Filipino Family?

By Alon Calinao Dy: There are some people who claimed that Philippines belonged to royal family Tagean Tallano family, would you believe that? 

My friend Dolores Borres, one of the administrators of the biggest Facebook Duterte groups all over social media, sent me evidences from Queen Salvacion Espiritu whose noble Kingdom of Maharlika is now reborn as Kingdom of Filipina Hacienda that Republic of the Philippines was a corporation. That's what she called the authocratic monarchy as they believed that before Spanish came in the Philippines many decades ago, absolute monarchy system of government already existed.

For further information, the Kingdom Filipina Hacienda gave this link for every Filipino to read their standpoint. Click the link below:

It is quite intriguing because I've never heard about the story that the whole Philippine archipelago was owned by one royal family Tagean Tallano Family. To arouse my curiosity, I, Mr. Alon Dy, spent an hour of my time to write about this historical claim by Kingdom Filipina Hacienda. Watch this video below:

After I watched the interview between Doc John and Prince Julian Morden Tallano, the last heir of the self-proclaimed royal family said that originally they came from Genghis Khan, a very famous ruler, who almost conquered the whole world.

It's all up to you if you believe or not about his story that royal Tallano family had owned a vast of land that was called before Mahalika, and not Philippines.

He also claimed that no royal family existed before them. But the interviewer questioned Prince Tallano: why there was no records about them in history? Based on his response, he insisted that he had some evidences and even Scarborough Shoal he said that it belonged to the royal Tagean Tallano family.

Agot Isidro Complains About Traffic Jam Under Duterte Administration

By Alon Calinao Dy: When it comes to a horrendous montrous traffic jam being experienced daily by commuters, I'd say that it is everyone's concern and the former Aquino administration didn't do anything to solve the traffic woe's especially in Metro Manila. 

I don't think critics should blame the current administration because traffic jams were already the big problems of the commuters from the past administrations.

In this report, Actress Agot Isidro voiced out her opinion about her bad experience regarding the heavy traffic problems in Metro Manila, blaming the president for it.

Netizens did not like what they heard or read on the news report that spread all over social media about the actress' comments since traffic congestion already existed before Duterte won the presidency.

Though it's true that traffic jams can kill every person because of too much air pollution, it is not right that critics will blame everything to the current administration especially when most Filipinos have seen a hardworking and intillegent president who has a genuine love for his country and people.

7-Year-Old Girl Was Raped And Killed By Their Neighbor Under The Influence Of Illegal Drugs

By Alon Calinao Dy: Imagine a 7-year-old girl was raped and killed by their neighbor and the person who did this heinous crime to whom the parent's victim considered a person living next door was a trusted friend.

The victim was found dead at the Tugatog Cemetery in Malabon City last Oct. 21, who was found naked and believed to have been raped before she was murdered.

There was a witness in the monstrous crime that the victim and suspect were together at that time, a pedicab driver who asked not to be named. 

In a viral blog post of Mr. Alon Dy entitled do you agree with this kind of penalization for the rapists? He said that "killing innocent life is a great sin. But if the sanctions could save more lives, then let's do it. If they are confirmed rapists, it is the people's right to ascertain the safety of their loved ones. Let's not watch and wait for another rape victim. Let's do something to prevent these criminal offenses."

The restoration of death penalty in the Philippines is what Filipinos are asking now to the government because of many heinous crimes are committed by people who are under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

BAYAN Secretary General Activist Renato Reyes Complains Of Death Threats After A Violent Dispersal

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reports all over social media that Bayan Secretary General and activist Renato Reyes received death threats after a bloody and violent anti-US rally last Oct. 19 at US embassy.

Reyes was reportedly as a mastermind why there were many protesters and police officers that were badly hurt during the dispersal.

Reports said that the death threats were coming from the social media and blaming Reyes who has been successful in brainwashing the rallyists.

The activist Reyes remained strong and has promised to be back on the streets despite many death threats he received from his haters.

Many netizens questioned Reyes' credibility why he is always against to the government's rules and regulations. Others said that he is using other people for his personal interests.

President Rodrigo Duterte Brings Back The Respect of Superpowers To Filipinos

By Alon Calinao Dy: In just a few months as the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Duterte has been admired not by a lot of Filipinos around the world but also internationally. 

Many Filipinos considered Duterte as a leader who has a genuine love for the poor and a leader called the "Punisher" for his war on drugs and being the only leader who condemned corruption within the government agencies, law enforcement and public servants.

Mr. Alon Dy, a blogger and avid supporter of President Duterte said "President Duterte is the most trusted public official in the Philippines because he is honest and fair." Many Filipinos love him for who he is.

In a recent post of President spokesperson of President Duterte, Peter Tiu Lavina said "our president is not quarreling with anyone, not even the EU and the UN, he is simply sending a clear message - we the Filipino people are not anyone's slaves! We are their friends and partners, on equal footing, not their lackeys!"

While there are anti-Duterte because of the reports that President Duterte declared separation of long-time ally U.S., the president himself made it clear to everyone that he doesn't want to cut ties with the America but only "separation of foreign policy."

President Duterte said it after he returned to the Philippines from China. "It is not severance of ties. You say severance of ties, you cut the diplomatic relations. I cannot do that."  Duterte knows how to maintain good relations to superpowers like USA, China and Russia.

What Filipinos think of President Rodrigo Duterte now is a man full of respect for his country because he brings back the respect of world leaders to the Philippines as Filipinos "are not anyone's slaves" as what Peter Lavina said on his Facebook post.

With him as president, Filipinos are known around the world for being bold and have respect for themselves. It seems President Duterte wants to tell everyone that Philippines can surely survive any obstacles in life if they are united and try not to fear the word change.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Should Death Penalty Be Allowed in the Philippines?

By Alon Calinao Dy: I have heard a lot from Filipinos across the country that they are in favor of the restoration of the death penalty in the Philippines. 

Photo credit to whoever is the owner
I support President Duterte and Senator Manny Pacquiao about their plan to bring back a capital punishment in the country and to punish those people who commit heinous crimes.

I graduated as a high school student from a minor seminary last 2001 at Seminario De Jesus Nazareno in Borongan, Eastern, Samar, and I always believe that life is precious and a gift from God. Therefore, no one has the right to take away what God had given us except if it's God's will.

However, as I have realized and get older and older, I always think about the victim's side. Even God does not want these victims to be killed by these heartless criminals. But the only reason why bad things happen to us because God had given us a WILL to do good or bad things. It's all up to us. 

I believe this WILL that God had given us comes with a huge responsibility and accountability. If one person commits a grave crime, then this person should be accountable for it and the death penalty serves moral and just for the purpose of maintaining peace and order in the society.

I don't understand why some priests and pastors kept on saying that what makes us different from these criminals if we kill them. It is true that violence is bad but if people let these criminals live and tolerate their criminal activities, many innocent lives are going to die. 

I don't think religious congregations have given clear solutions on how to end criminalities except through the beliefs in the power of prayer and forgiveness to one another. Of course, I always believe that prayer is a powerful weapon, but the meaning of forgiveness has been abused by a lot of people so many times.

I don't think it's OK to say Sorry after one person killed another. I don't think being a forgiving person taught us to value the importance of life. I mean forgiveness has been used by some people to avoid punishment and not being responsible for their actions.

I feel that many criminals today can easily walk away from their illegal activities because they think government's laws are soft for them. Therefore, I support the proposal of some lawmakers that it is the right time to reconsider the restoration of death penalty in the country since Philippines became a drug den where people can easily buy, use, and produce illegal drugs.

Is BAYAN Secretary Activist Renato Reyes The Brain of a Bloody And Violent Anti-US Rally?

By Alon Calinao Dy: President Rodrigo Duterte has a huge respect for freedom of speech and assembly, but it turned out bloody, violent anti-US rally last October 19 outside the US Enbassy, leaving over 70 people injured. 

Though the freedom of assembly is being respected by everyone including the head of state, this does not mean that the government tolerates the use of violence and force by the protesters. 

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) Secretary General Renato Reyes,Jr., is believed to be the brain of the anti-US rally at US Embassy a few days ago.

Activist Reyes Blamed the policemen as the ones who threw tear gas at them and started to act violent after they finally decided their rally. 

However, many netizens did not believe what Renato said since the viral photo that spread all over social media showed how these protesters became aggressive and violent, cornering a police officer. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

VP Leni Robredo Reacts On Mistakenly Calling Bong Bong Marcos As A Duterte's Vice President

By Alon Calinao Dy: The camp of Vice President Leni Robredo felt disrespected when President Duterte introduced Bong Bong Marcos as the next vice president in front of many Filipinos in Beijing, China.

Senator Bam Aquino who became a campaign manager and a number one supporter of VP Leni Robredo said that calling BBM as the next in line for president was "troubling."

It has come to the knowledge of Filipinos that Aquino and Marcos families are mortal enemies during and after Marcos Martial law. Aquino blamed Marcos for rampant corruption and massive killings.

However, netizens reacted and blamed Aquino that the start of corruption and proliferation of illegal drugs started during the term of late President Corazon Aquino when Aquino and Cojuangco families became rich and powerful in the Philippines.

Marcos loyalists believe that the real winner of the past May elections was former Sen. Bong Bong Marcos. They even added that Leni Robredo was voted by the PCOS machine but not a majority of Filipinos.

It becomes now clear that Aquino family opposes thw burial of late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani as they labeled the former president as a dictator, mass murderer and corrupt.

Some critics have realized that former Aquino administration wants to get the sympathy of a lot of Filipinos around the world by naming the current President Duterte as the brain of extrajudicial killings in the country just as what they did to the late Marcos. It seems these strategies become ineffective as many Filipinos that a lot of television, radio and newspaper nowdays are biased and paid media.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Two Criminology Students At OLFU Hitting A Girl Inside A Public Bus

By Alon Calinao Dy: Becoming an authorized police officer is a huge responsibility to your country and people you served with. Of course, it is that easy because there are certain tests, training and courses that you need to undergo before you become a certified police officer.

As a popular saying would say"many are called, but few are chosen. But if you fail, better luck next as you'll end up taking it again next year or if you have no patience at all, better shift to another course that you belong and happy to do. 

In this video that went viral all over social media, these young criminology students who studied at Our Lady of Fatima were caught on camera hitting a woman passenger inside a public bus.

According to the witnesses who captured the viral video, a group of women were just having fun inside the bus, taking a selfie for remembrance of themselves. But in an unexpected moment, one of these criminolgy students took out his dirty finger and shows it on the picture. 

Of course, some concerned guys confronted him in a nice way to know what's the problem, but instead of having a peaceful talk, the guy became violent together with his friend and telling them that they carry a gun. One of the criminology students hit a girl and it was caught on camera.

Secretary Aguirre's Car Got Shot After A Warning Of Hold Departure To Senator Leila De Lima

By Alon Calinao Dy: There was a heated argument between Senator Leila De Lima and Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre which the two have traded allegations regarding  De Lima's involvement to illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City.

Aguirre's driver reported the shooting incident at the police station after the driver realized that it was a shot coming from unknown direction.

For now, there's no known suspects for the shooting incident. But the fact that there is now a big threat to the Justice Secretary Aguirre's life.

Netizens have now different speculations about the said event. Perhaps there's a connection of this shooting incident to the recent news that DOJ has issued a hold departure against Senator Leila De Lima and her cohorts. 

At the meantime, nobody really knows who are the real suspects of the shooting. But it seems it is clear for everyone that the life of a Justice Secretary is endanger.

Netizens Excited To Shop At Tutuban Center in Divisoria This Coming Christmas

By Alon Calinao Dy: Netizens are excited to shop at Tutuban Center in Divisoria this coming Christmas after the new photo of Tutuban Center went viral that amazed a lot of shoppers because the place is now clean and not that overcrowded.

Many netizens praised the Manila local government unit and Duterte administration for the great efforts and cleaning the dirty streets of Manila especially the Divisoria area. 

Pinoy shoppers hope that this cleanliness would be maintained till Christmas as consumers would surely visit this place to buy cheaper things and gifts than in shopping malls and centers.

As expected, the government warned street vendors to follow the city ordinances and law enforcement to maintain peace and order in the area.

Netizens are now happy to see the new transpormation of Tutuban Center and positive outcome with good feedbacks coming from the shoppers in that area. And hopefully, everyone should help and cooperate to one another for a real change.

Monday, October 17, 2016

2 Alleged Sex Videos Of Senator Leila De Lima Hold By The DOJ

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reports all over the social media that Department of Justice (DOJ) has finally got the two alleged sex videos of Sen. De Lima partnered with high-profile drug lord Jaybee Sebastian and driver Ronnie Dayan.

Sen. Fraklin Drilon and other LP senators said that releasing a video without a person's consent is considered as illegal.

Thus, Senator De Lima got full support from other congressmen and religious groups, considering the current news on social media that DOJis now ready to release those videos if necessary.

Netizens slammed De Lima saying that she is a public servant and what she did was immoral especially she is now a senator and many children can possibly watch her 2 alleged sex videos on various occasions.

In one of the social pages in support to President Rodrigo below, this page posted the latest update about the possibility of 2 alleged sex videos on two different partners.

Watch This Video: US Government Continues To Support President Rodrigo Duterte In The Philippines

By Alon Calinao Dy: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has acquired a guarantee support from the White House despite biased media reported opposite news against him. This was confirmed by the White House that the good relationship between US and Philippines will never be destroyed from the people who have bad intentions in the future of the country.

It is true that some media are trying to pull the president down from top to bottom, but the current administration sees this as a challenge but the President himself has always respect freedom of speech with his broad understanding of what is really happening around him.

In fact, world leaders admired President Duterte's courage because his words are also actions that most Filipinos have seen today.

The U.S-Philippine alliance will remain strong even though some media give deeper and different meanings on the way Philippines deals with China and Russia.

Watch President Rodrigo Duterte Talks To Aljazeera About War On Drugs In The Philippines

By Alon Calinao Dy: In this interview with Aljazeera, President Rodrigo Duterte made brilliant opinions why he needs to protect the law-abiding citizens in the Philippines.

President Duterte said before "More people will be killed, plenty will be killed until the last pusher is out of the streets. Until the [last] drug manufacturer is killed, we will continue and I will continue." 

"We have three million drug addicts, and it's growing. So if we do not interdict this problem, the next generation will be having a serious problem ... You destroy my country, I'll kill you. And it's a legitimate thing. If you destroy our young children, I will kill you. That is a very correct statement. There is nothing wrong in trying to preserve the interest of the next generation." — President Duterte

Senator Manny Pacquiao Gives Over 1,000 Homes To The Filipino Homeless People

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Manny Pacquiao's critics have nothing good to say about him as they considered him as an uneducated person who won the senatorial race last May 2016 because of his popularity. 

Critics can say all they want to say all day long, little did they know, Senator Pacquiao built over 1,000 homes for the homeless Filipinos who are now enjoying the comfort of his generosity.

Pacquiao became a multi-millionaire from his successful professional boxing career and became one of the best boxers in the world today. He is also a future hall of fame in boxing.

The neophyte senator said "I'm so happy giving all these houses to thousands of homeless Filipinos from my own pocket." Pacquiao always believes that when a person is generous to others, more blessings will come in life.

Now for those critics who continue to castigate Pacquiao with their hated words, does Pacquiao deserve a huge respect for being a certified public servant in the Philippines? 

Definitely, Yes! 

Pacquiao became an inspiration for many Filipinos around the world. He became the most fampus boxer and got a lot of respect in the sports of boxing. But not only that, he shared his blessings to the poor people when some biased media remained silent about his generosity. But for Pacman, it's just OK.

Watch Showbiz Personality Mystica Became Poor After Bashing President Rodrigo Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: Showbiz personality Mystica, who is popularly known in the Philippines as the ROCK DIVA, had a financial crisis after she bashed President Rodrigo Duterte. 

The Rock Diva is now asking for help financially after she was turned down by a lot of companies. This video shows that Mystica is pleading for help and it already spread throughout social media.

The celebrity actress also asked her co-artists to help her recover her home and pay for her home bills.

After bashing President Duterte online, Mystica had finally realized her mistakes that many Filipinos love and support the first Mindanaoan President of the Philippines.

This is the power of Filipinos if they come together against oligarchs and some rich people who controlled the Philippines, I think they have a stronger and powerful weapon than these oligarchs.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Senator Franklin Drilon And Senator Leila De Lima Blame President Duterte Why Philippines is Poor

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reports all over social media that the two opposition senators, Senator Drilon and Senator De Lima, blame President Rodrigo Duterte why the Philippines is still poor today because of his foul language.

Some biased media reported that President Duterte said the word "son of a whore" to U.S. President Barack Obama, but the report was not true since President Duterte explained thoroughly the sitiation why he said that statement and that was not referring to the American president.

Oligarchs have economic controls in the Philippines and some of them do not agree with the current administration's policy against contractualization of the employees as this temporary work lacks compensation and benefits among Filipino workers.

Senator Drilon said, “so the fact is, if we lose these privileges it will adversely affect our economy, and in turn the livelihood of millions of our countrymen. So it is very critical that we maintain our good relations with our longtime partners and allies in the US and EU.” 

Drilon also added, “The country cannot afford to lose the support of its longtime ally countries, especially in the economic and development sectors.”

Aside from Drilon, Sen. De Lima blamed President Duterte for the econic meltdown. But the truth is, the problems of the Philippine economy cannot be blamed to the president alone since there are a few rich and powerful people in the country who almost owned the vast land of the Philippines but not the hearts of a majority of the Filipinos.

Senator Leila De Lima To Critics: 'I'm Not Guilty...I'll Not Leave The Philippines'

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator De Lima said to her critics, "don’t worry because I have no plans to leave the Philippines to evade whatever charges you would file against me because I’m innocent. Only the guilty flees.

Some reports said that the lady senator and other personalities who are allegedly involved in illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City might hide to other to other countries to escape from the Philippine law enforcement.
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II now believes that there are strong evidences against De Lima that would link her to different organized drug groups in the Philippines.

DOJ Aguirre said “a strong possibility that they may attempt to place themselves beyond the reach of the legal processes of this Department by leaving the country.

De Lima Dared and responded and reiterated her statement. "Don’t worry because I have no plans to leave the Philippines to evade whatever charges you would file against me because I’m innocent. Only the guilty flees,” 

Perhaps, Sen. De Lima anticipated the moment that all these investigation against illegal drugs would lead up to her since high-profile inmates already confessed that the former DOJ Secretary De Lima allegedly asked money from them for her senatorial campaign last May 2016.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Actress Rita Avila Feels Pity For Agot Isidro's Rude Comment Against President Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: Veteran Actress and book writer Rita Avila admitted that she felt sorry for her co-star Agot Isidro after the actress called President Rodrigo Duterte a "psychopath."

Agot Isidro got a lot of support from her co-artists, saying that cyberbullying is a criminal offense. Did she think that calling your president as a psychopath is a good thing? I don't think so. 

I just think it disrespected me and 16 million Filipinos who voted President Rodrigo Duterte. Just as what Actor Star Robin Padilla said "it's like that... You've got to live with that when you said something."

I also read the comment of presidential sister on Facebook, Madam Jocelyn Duterte, she felt disrespected by Ms. Isidro's rude comment to her brother who is now a president of the Republic of the Philippines. 

Many Filipinos didn't like. Ok let's say it is your freedom of speech and you posted something controversial message on your Facebook account, but don't expect you would not get a lot of reactions coming from your readers especially to Duterte supporters.

I don't know I just read some comments from netizens that Actress Agot Isidro just wanted to get the full attention of Filipinos. That's why she posted those harsh comments against the president. I don't know.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mocha Uson Exposes A List Of 'Fake Duterte Blogs' On Social Media

By Alon Calinao Dy: Nowadays, it is difficult to identify those blogs who are calling themselves as Duterte fans but the truth is, these sites are not actually genuine supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte's advocacy for a real change. 

Mocha Uson, a true solid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte just had a list of "Fake Duterte blogs" that President Duterte supporters should watch for. 

Mocha Uson wrote on her blog, "Isa sa mga Propaganda ng mga Dilaw ay gumawa ng mga fake "Duterte Blog" tapos maglalabas ng mga fake news para ito ay i-share ng mga DDS (Pro-Duterte). At pag ito ay kinagat ng mga Pro-Duterte biglang sasabihin ng mga DILAW na BOBO, TANGA or DUTERTARDS ang mga ito. Kaya mga kaDDS ingat po tayo sa mga blog na ito. 

Sites with FAKE News:
1. Pinoy Speak (Duterte News)
2. DW-TV3
3. Updater24
4. BBC101
5. Du30newsinfo
6. Okd2
7. Newstrendph
8. Tartey (Pinoy Viral News)
9. Balitang Pinas
10. Pilipinas Online Updates
11. Pinoy Article
12. Social News PH 

Satire Site 
1. Dai1lymail or Mail In One
2. The T1mes
3. Guard1an
5. Da1lymail
6. So, What’s News?
7. Adobo Chronicles"

While it is advisable to watch these "fake Duterte blogs," it is really hard to determine whose sites are coming from the opposition and pro Duterte blogs. But definitely, this blog of mine will support President Duterte's advocacy for a real change. 

Senator De Lima's Anti-EJK Will Murder Policemen

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Leila De Lima has made an Anti-EJK that brought a lot of controversies to Filipino people especially to police officers. This Bill was called as Senate Bill 1197 or "The Anti-Extrajudicial Killings Act of 2016." 

This Bill was criticized by many people just like known reporter Erwin Tulfo and Senator Panfilo Lacson as this would endanger the lives of policemen. It proposes to warn crime suspects before they are arrested in operations.

One netizen commented, "this is totally bullsh*t. Who do you think you are to please everyone for this futile bill." 

Even Mr. Tulfo did not agree to this proposed bill, just like he said "De Lima files bill Anti-EJK. She wants cops to announce their arrival to warn suspects of their arrest. What a stupid bill. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I understand that Sen. De Lima had a lot of hate to what she now believes extrajudicial killngs for the criminals or what she called short cut justice.

However, she did not realize the fact that these law enforcers have families too. When they get killed, it's so easy to tell their families that they die as heroes. But the truth is, it's really hard for the families to accept the reality especially for the children.

Just like the case of Abigail Macaspag Cabaguing, she was my former classmate at Sacred Heart College (now St. Mary College), Catbalogan City, Western, Samar in 1997. Last August, her husband PO1 Gary Cabaguing was killed in a legitimate police operations in Marabut, Western Samar because the suspects had anticipated their arrival.

Abigail and her police husband had two children who are very young to understand the difficult situation and what happened to their father. It's really hard to see your old friends suffer especially when she lost a husband who just performed his job well. 

I don't think Senator De Lima understand what the families are going through when cops are killed because of their sworn duties and responsibilities. I think this Anti-EJK bill is for the criminals to live but don't actually care for the safety of our police officers.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte Negative On Drug Test: 'Where is Trillanes' Drug Test?'

By Alon Calinao Dy: Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte together with his councilors were all cleared on the allegations that he was a drug addict. He accepted Senator Antonio Trillanes' challenge to undergo a thorough drug test both urine and blood exams.

The certain tests were conducted by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA). According to Paolo Duterte, "I encourage them to undergo the more precise examinations available in Metro Manila," referring to Davao City councilors to support his father's campaign against illegal drugs.

The young Duterte has come to believe that having a drug test at PDEA is more strict and accurate as it detects people's urine, blood and even hair follicles if one person is using illegal drugs or not.

After Senator Trillanes challenged the Vice Mayor of Davao City, netizens now wonder where is the result of drug test of the senator? Did he undergo both urine and blood tests?

Trillanes had been reported all over the social media on the allegations that he was a cocaine user, though these reports have not been validated. But netizens wanted to see that he was not under the influence of illegal drugs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Watch Senator De Lima Says To Duterte Supporters: 'I Am A Tough Woman'

By Alon Calinao Dy: After Senator Leila De Lima had a public melt down and walkout in the senate twice, she said that "enough is enough" and she only fights against for the truth.

De Lima believes that all the lies about her are black propaganda and her families and friends were the ones who were affected by all these accusations against her. 

However, netizens said that how could she be not a tough woman when all these allegations lead to her as a drug protector or even involved in drug money as high-profile inmates pointed out that she received money from them. 

The lady senator, according to some reports, that has knowledge about the cases that Duterte administration is preparing against her since the problems of illegal drugs started during the Aquino administration and the time when she was still a justice secretary.

Watch A Video Of Senator De Lima To Duterte Supporters: They Are Blind And Liars About Extrajudicial Killings

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Leila De Lima has complained to International communities about the sudden rise of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. But Duterte's followers believed that the government is doing its best to eliminate drug lords and pushers who until now continue to destroy people's lives.

Many Filipinos said that a lot of innocent people died during the past administrations of Arroyo and Aquino than the current administration whose one of he ultimate focus is to eliminate drugs in the country and reduce heinous crimes committed by drug users and other abusive criminals.

De Lima also said that more than 2000 people had already died during Duterte administration when she was asked by the CNN correspondent. It seems the CNN interviewer was not satisfied with De Lima's solutions against a major problem of illegal drugs.

The lady senator was asked about what she could do to prevent a rampant proliferation of illegal drugs, De Lima just said to intensify the campaign against drug use and added to fix the law enforcement.

Netizens slammed Sen. De Lima after her one-on-one interview at the CNN TV station since her solutions to stop illegal drug trade in the country are not enough to reduce crimes and corruption since some government officials are involved in these criminal activities as well.

Between President Duterte And Senator De Lima: Who is Praying For The Filipinos And For The Philippines Truthfully?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Filipinos have seen Senator Leila De Lima with a number of nuns and priest around her at the church when the final moment has just arrived that the allegations about her involvement in illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City have witnesses who pointed out that she's one of them.

This controversial photo of Sen. De Lima with nuns and priests around him said something much about the alleged support of CBCP to the lady senator. It seems De Lima got a full support from these religious people who prayed for her safety and tolerating her alleged criminal activities.

Before President Duterte became The President, he prayed solemnly to God for His guidance because he knew he would create a lot of enemies and even put his life in danger for exposing anomalies in the government.

The Mindanaoan President knew that being a president was putting your life at greater risk in order for a real change to attain than just sitting around and let the fate of the Philippines be in the hands of corrupt government officials.

It's just hard to believe why some religious groups give more importance to the lives of ceiminals than to the lives of innocent people who are being killed because of illegal drugs and crimes committed by powerful people in the country. 

The good thing is, Filipinos now realize the importance of actions with prayers than prayers without actions. In my personal opinion, I believe President Duterte cares a lot for the Filipinos and has more sincere than Sen. Leila De Lima who asked for prayers and support to some religious groups.

Mocha Uson Has Changed For The Better From A Sexy Star To A Smart Political Analyst

By Alon Calinao Dy: A lot of the time, some people can hate or judge you because of what you did in the past. Hate arises from jealousy or misunderstanding, but I don't understand why people hate the past of Mocha Uson when she helped people realize that change is possible for everyone and when she learned many lessons from her past.

Before and after photo of Mocha Uson
I believe that when someone hate Mocha Uson for no apparent reason or maybe she is just an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, I just think people hate her because she has something special that some people don't possess. 

I believe that hating someone for no valid reasons is just a pain in the ass. People should avoid these kind of people who envy you and try to meet new people who can appreciate and motivate you to do good things in life. 

In a recent Mocha Uson blog, the former sexy star has expressed her sentiments for those people who try to pull her down. This is what she said on her blog post: 

-Mocha Uson Blog

"May mga nagbalita sa akin na todo daw na tinitira ako ng mga anti-Duterte page. Para po sa kaalaman ng mga nang uungkat ng aking nakaraan at para hindi na kayo mahirapan mag research ay uunahan ko na kayo. Dati po akong SEX BLOGGER sa Maxim Magazine. I did sexy indie films. Sexy Magazine covers. Safe sex video tutorial. Pero hindi po siya X or XXX. Hanggang R lang po. Ano pa? Hmmm.. Na-involve ako sa lesbian-bisexual issue with my groupmate. But NEVER did I enter into prostitution nor became an escort. You can ask all the bugaws in the showbiz world (yes most of them are in showbiz) No one can accuse me of that. Malinis ang record ko diyan. Being sexy is just part of my image as the leader of MOCHA GIRLS. Am I offended when people throw my past at me? Hindi po. Do I feel deep regret for my past mistakes? Yes. But I already asked the Lord for forgiveness. Yes, even before pa nag simula ang kampanya I already surrendered my life to God. I realized my mistakes at naintindihan ko ang pagmamahal ng Panginoon through giving his son Jesus. Hindi ko po sinasabi ito para magpaka-"BANAL". I am not perfect and God is still working in me. Sinasabi ko lamang po ito na yang buhay na "sexy" ay akin na pong sinuko sa Panginoon so I am not ashamed of it kasi I know I am forgiven by God because of His son Jesus. Kaya sa mga haters ko po na patuloy na binabato sa akin ang nakaraan ko, mali pong strategy yan dahil hindi ko po ikinahihiya yan at mas lalo po akong natutuwa kasi I can see more the LOVE OF JESUS in my life. Am I mad at you? Of course not. Tuloy niyo lang po kung ano ang ikaliligaya niyo. Ngunit kung talagang "matalino" at "disente" kayo huwag ang PAGKATAO ng DUTERTE SUPPORTERS ang atakihin niyo kundi yung argumento o ang isyu.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!- 2 Cor 5:17"

I am not a supporter of Mocha Uson but I really love what she said. She said all these things inside her heart and I believe her. Because her success to gain more listeners and followers on social media is that she is a very true person. She has nothing to hide to her huge followers and I guess that's something special to Mocha Uson.