President Duterte To Make Philippines A Great Country

By Alon Calinao Dy: One of the best things happened in the Philippines is to have a trusted president who has a genuine love for the poor. 
Me and my daughter

My friends asked me several times, "hey Mr. Alon Dy, why do you still believe to President Duterte when he is selling Philippines to China? I gave them my honest yet straightforward answers.

First, I was glad that my friends asked me this question. But of course, I was surprised to hear this. I don't think our president would do such thing. 

I believe no one has a right to sell it even if you are the most powerful person in the Philippines; not even Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who allegedly sold the Scarborough Shoal to China during Aquino administration.

All the while I was thinking that question again. Hey Mr. Alon Dy, What if President Duterte is really selling the Philippines to China? "Hell no, some Filipinos especially his critics just got paranoid," I said to myself.

Honestly, I have so much trust to President Duterte. The moment I voted him last May elections was the time I put the lives of Filipinos in his hands who were hoping for the good governance in our country. Until now I do not actually regret the thing I've done. I'm very proud I voted President Duterte and he won.

It's hard toknow the reasons why some Filipinos do not like President Duterte and why they continue to criticize the current administration with their hated words and twisted lies. Attack. Attack. Attack.

I believe President Duterte is doing everything he can to bring back the respect and trust of other countries. He made the whole world to see that Filipinos are not anyone's slaves who get demoralized easily. Filipino people are strong and resilient as they have too much respect for themselves.

Every time I see people say there is no way we can do it.  I was asking, what?!? Some Filipinos should get rid of their negative thoughts and should think positive things at all times. 

Yes, everywhere you turn there are many people who would make you feel uncomfortable and turn you down. Some of them are just around you. 

I'd say that it's better to find people who see the bright side of you and always believe that everything is just fine as what President Duterte is presently doing to hopeless Filipinos out there.

President Duterte believes that Philippines can be a great nation if only Filipinos are united as one. Like what Ferdinand Foch said, "the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." I think if Filipinos will come together and do better things, I believe the darkest nights for them would the brighter ones that shine against all odds.

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