Sunday, April 23, 2017

Teddy Locsin Jr. Has Called Vice President Leni Robredo A Real Idiot

Teddy Locsin Jr., who is a Philippine politician, diplomat, lawyer, and former journalist, said to leni Robredo on twitter "this woman is a real idiot. Let's legalize murder while we're at it and rape as well. Legalize use you cartelize pushing." 

The thinking of Robredo is different from other politicians who wanted to decriminalize the use of illegal drugs like shabu and methamphetamine in the Philippines.

I don't know if Robredo wanted to get the attention of media or was serious when she said this statement. I don't know how her mind works but when she said this one person on his sound mind would ask this question: is Robredo in her right mind?

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "there are so many crimes involved with illegal drugs in the country. If these narcotics will be legalized, then you allow criminals to live and let the innocent people die."

It seems clear that the intention of the opposition is to bring chaos in the country and to spread the forces of darkness. I don't how these human rights advocates think and why they want to legalize illegal drugs in our country. 

In this statement of Robredo, "why don't we look at the best practices and try them, because we have enough lessons in the past from other countries to determine what works and what doesn't." 

What do you think about Robredo's plan of pushing the discriminalization of illegal drugs in the country? Is she a genius or an idiot?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Senato Antonio Trillanes Now Denies The Whereabout of Self-confessed Killer Edgar Matobato

Reports around social media that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV now denies the whereabouts of self-confessed alleged killers Arturo Lascañas and Edgar Matobato who admitted that they were part of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) who linked President Duterte behind the extrajudicial killings in Davao City when he was still a mayor.

According to netizens, they believe that Trillanes is taking care of Lascañas and Matobato on their plan to destabilize the present administration, making another excuse that his witnesses have received death threats a couple of days ago. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "both Lascañas and Matobato are paid witnesses who have evil plans to derail the current administration."

Mr. Dy added, "nobody believes Senator Trillanes now... Perhaps, he'll deny the whereabout of self-confessed killer Matobato, but why he is hiding now? What are their true motives against the Duterte administration?"

Some say Trillanes might betray his witness for not telling their present location, but others believe that they are now thinking for another trick. 

The truth is, the darkness of lies of Trillanes has been known for most Filipinos. And so, reports said that they are now planning to file a lawsuit against President Duterte to the International Criminal Court. Perhaps, that's their last stretegy for now, but I don't think their evil plans will succeed.

Is It Illegal To Breastfeed in Public in the Philippines?

Most first-time mothers are afraid about the criticism of other people that nursing a baby in public is not allowed. People should understand the baby's needs.

Mothers worry about what others will say against them as it won't feel comfortable breastfeeding the baby in public places.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said " let the mothers feed their hungry babies in any situation as every baby has its own demand."

Though mothers have the option to bottle feed the baby, but breast milk is the best food for the baby. So I don't think there will be a problem doing this kind of pratice in public areas as the main concern here is the health benefits the baby can get from breastfeeding. 

Like many mothers, I want the best food for my child and I don't care what others think if it seems breastfeeding embarrassing for the first time but the priority is the welfare of the baby.

So, is it illegal To Breastfeed in public in the Philippines? I don't think so. Breastfeeding moms have rights to attend the needs of their babies. 

Hypocrisy and indecency do not apply under the Duterte administration. The president understands the welfare of both the nursing moms and the babies.

Banana Products Will Be in Demand And Will Create More Jobs Under Duterte Administration

President Duterte winning the hearts of investors and witnessing the US$250M banana/agri expansion project in Davao between AMA Grp of Comp. and Bahrain's NEH which will generate 3.5k jobs. 

Should University of the Philippines (UP) Penalize Those Rallying Students Against Philippine Government?

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte always respects the freedom of speech, but too much freedom as many people say is dangerous. People should understand that we have freedom of speech but we should know our limits. 

The question now: should University of the Philippines (UP) penalize those rallying students against Philippine government?

Duterte said, "...Lahat ng mga taga UP, alam nyo ba mga rebelde, kalaban natin. Balak ko itong sa UP eh scrap ko itong funding dito, paaralin mo, pagbalik rebelde na, pati ikaw kasahan ka na." 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "I believe we have freedom of speech but we should understand well that we have limits on our rights. Too much freedom is dangerous when it is used in an evil way." 

Some would argue that University of the Philippines is teaching their students to be future rebels who would rally against the government, but some say that they only exercise their freedom of speech. Then the question is, what is the worth of good education if there's no proper discipline among students?

I think the University of the Philippines (UP) should set limits because it is also the right of the government to protect the rights and safety of its people. Also, should there be limited freedom so as to avoid negative consequence?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Senator Vicente Sotto III To Senator Antonio Trillanes IV: Do Not Spread Lies

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has exchanged arguments to a lot of senators for his "destabilization plot" against Duterte administration. 

Senator Vicente Sotto III reminded Trillanes that he should not use the senate for spreading lies. Sotto said,  “We should not use the Senate as a venue to spread lies.”

Many Filipino people tagged Trillanes as the "handler" of Lascañas and another self-confessed DDS hitman Edgar Matobato. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I think Trillanes is desperate to destabilize the current administration, creating chaos among Filipino people. Good thing, Filipinos believe these darkness of lies."

Perhaps, Trillanes is enjoying the hate of Filipinos and he already showed to the world that he can make uo stories and spread the lies to everyone. He can argue with anyone, but in the end, he would deny all these allegations and would make some excuses. 

Not only Senator Sotto III is tired of all these lies, but many Filipinos as well. The so-called so much hate on social media is evident that Trillanes does not care about, as one netizen commented "If only words can burn Trillanes into ashes, I would gladly do it numerous times. Just to let him know, I really hate him." 

Thank You Merasol Espinosa And Dolores Borres For Your Solid Support To President Rodrigo Duterte

It is not easy to be solid supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte when some rich and powerful people in the Philippines are trying to put Duterte down. It's not everyday Filipinos say "thank you" to them who made it possible to garner more supporters for our beloved president during last May 2016 elections. 

Merasol Espinosa and Dolores Borres are just one of the 16 million Filipinos who want a real change in our country. They made Filipinos realise that there was a president named 'Digong' who would offer his life for the love of this country. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "Merasol and Dolores are one the amazing supporters of President Duterte who never get tired supporting the current administration, believing and hoping for the common good of Filipinos and for our country."

It is not everyday we say "thank you" for these avid supporters of the president. Saying a simple thank can have a huge impact in the lives of these people. That's how I considered my good friend, Ms. Kathleen Luntao, who never stop inspiring people of her beautiful poems from the heart.

It is every day we've heard from the news that we always thank Mocha Uson and her cohorts. Well, Thanks to them for they did a good job supporting the president. But the truth is, ALL Filipinos who supported and voted the president, do not forget to thank ourselves because we have selected the best leader and is now considered an outstanding president by many Filipinos in and outside the country.