Alleged Girl in Bagito Scandal Finally Breaks Her Silence

By Alon Calinao Dy: 'Bagito scandal video' became viral in different social media networks. These high school students allegedly performed sex on the premises of their school while being caught in the hidden camera. 

Many high school students called this scandal as "Stairway To Heaven" because they did this sexual act in the stairway of the school.

There had been a story also that the boy in the scandal video committed suicide, which there was no accuracy in it but only a speculation.

Watch the video here:

Chezca Mae Castillo Guinhawa, the alleged girl in circulating 'Bagito Scandal,'  denies that she was the one in that video. She admitted that she owns the same school uniform, but she clarified to the public by uploading her video on YouTube, explaining her side that she was very affected from the negative comments she received from the social media users.

When the said video was released  last February 5 on Facebook, many viewers claimed that this young girl was brave enough to confront the people who have baseless stories that she was the person behind the 'Bagito Scandal.'

She had one thing to ask from the public that they should stop spreading lies because her parents were the ones mostly hurt from this video scandal. At the end of her video recording, she strongly denied the allegations again.

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