Father Albert Alejo: A Coddler of Fake Witnesses Matobato And Lascañas

A Catholic Priest Father Albert Alejo, who is a part time lecturer in Ateneo De Manila University, is believed to be a coddler of fake witnesses Matobato and Lascañas that was presented by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV months ago.

According to Guillermina "Grace" Barrido Arcillas, it was Trillanes and Alejo who gave money to their witnesses to destroy the good image of President Rodrigo Duterte to the world.

In some reports, Fr. Alejo tried to bribe Ms. Arcilllas of 20,000 pesos in favor of telling lies against Duterte administration in order the opposition can proceed to impeachment trial. Their plan is to present her as a witness to International Criminal Court.

In a blog post of Alon Calinao Dy, he said "We don't need these kinds of people. They want to destroy our country and start divisions among Filipinos. Instead of calling unity and peace, they want to humiliate our president, our country and our people." 

Trillanes is allegedly named as a paid politician who is among the critics of Duterte. He also blamed the president for having 2 billion pesos in his BPI bank account, but it turned out as bogus.

Many netizens reacted why Trillanes is still doing harassment to Duterte and why he is spreading twisted lies in order to get the sympathy of a majority of Filipinos in and outside the country. 

Trillanes who accused Mr. president as a killer and corrupt, turned out to be one of the alleged masterminds of selling one of the Philippine Islands to China according to some news. 

Trillanes, who is in his last term as a senator, is believed to face several charges after many Filipinos complained about his lies. He also walked free from Oakwood mutiny he committed during Arroyo administration and had been given an amnesty under Aquino regime. However, many still believe that justice may serve for Filipinos who are calling him to go back in jail. 

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