Ben Tulfo To Senator Antonio Trillanes IV: I Will Cut Your Devil's Horn

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has denied the allegations that he did not participate of presenting fake witnesses like Matobato and Lascañas that involved Fr. Albert Alejo and Atty. Sabio. 

A known TV and radio host, Ben Tulfo, could not control himself anymore. Trillanes intentionally gave controversies against President Rodrigo Duterte, accusing him of so many baseless things such as having 2 billion of pesos in his bank account, a murderer, corrupt, and other stupid names. 

Tulfo warned Trillanes about this because of his stupidity. The brave commentor told Trillanes that he is going to cut his devil's horn and just him a call where they can meet each other. Of course, as usual, Trillanes is called by many Filipinos as "coward," a disgrace to his fellow PMA alumni. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "I think Senator Trillanes has found his match. If he is really brave enough, face Ben Tulfo who is willing to fight against you. These Tulfo brothers had become the voice of poor Filipinos and those who have become victims of various crimes in the country."

Many Filipinos are already tired of these accusations coming from Trillanes. Many want him to go back to jail for the crime he committed in Oakwood mutiny, but he walked free because former president Noynoy Aquino released him. 

I thought he would change and would be the voice of the poor, but I now think he changed everything because of power and money he received from wealthy people who have their own agenda, not the common good of Filipino people. 

I admire the courage of Tulfo brothers. I agree that most social media users support them because they have no fear, and I think I would start supporting and campaigning for them if ever they are going to enter in the world of Philippine politics.

Trillanes may have won the attention of Philippine media, but the hearts of many Filipinos will support the president who is ready to give up his life for the love of our country. 

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