Online Survey: Have You Ever Felt The Change Under The Duterte Administration?

By Alon Calinao Dy: I am convinced that a lot of Filipinos would agree with me that a real change is happening in the Philippines right now except those corrupt politicians, CBCP, oligarchs, and Human Rights advocates who said that it's been a reign of terror under the current administration. 

These critics have been blaming President Duterte all along for all the extrajudicial killings in the country. Many biased Philippine media did this to our beloved President, so it is better to read credible blog as this to avoid being brainwashed by paid media.

I don't think President Duterte would kill innocent people as what his critics would try to portray about him. Ever since the president said that this war on drugs will be a bloody war as these criminals are armed and dangerous that they would rather fight to the death than being caught. If this is the case, expect that criminals would rather die than be taken to prison alive. 

Many people know even those high-ranking government officials that there are alleged involvement of Philippine National Police generals on drug trade. So as what President Duterte said before, these killings could be attributed to drug syndicates who would rather kill their gang members than leaving any evidence that would expose their true identities.

A few years ago before President Duterte finally decided to run for president, I wrote an article entitled reasons why I support Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and it made me realize that I supported and voted a right leader who would bring back the trust of the people to the government and the one who would do anything for the welfare of the country and for the Filipino people. 

The good news is that a majority of Filipinos have so much respect to the president, even though the Philippines being a Catholic country, many of those I asked and interviewed say they are praying for President Duterte and the country rather than believing to what CBCP President Archbishop Socrates Villegas said against the present administration.

I'm sure a lot of Catholics show deep frustration about the leadership of CBCP President Archbishop Socrates Villegas because of being a faultfinder against the president, but don't worry about it since their opinions regarding the current situations of the country do not matter anymore. 

Whenever I hear criticism from bishop Villegas and other yellow senators, I don't take it personally and I find myself smiling that one of my readers had asked me, "hey Alon Dy, what can we do to stop these critics of President Duterte?" I replied, let them exercise their freedom of speech but do not believe things easily, simply because you have read or heard it.

So the online question: have you ever felt the change under the Duterte administration? What do you think? Like more than 16 millions of Filipinos who voted President Duterte, I pray not only for the present administration but for all Filipinos in and outside the country that the kind of unity we all have been waiting for will come true.

Yes, I felt the change under the Duterte administration. But I think change is hard to achieve without unity, and people should change for the better and change their wrongdoings. The only way to start the process of change is to acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them and improve yourself.

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