Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Promises To Go After President Rodrigo Duterte After His Term

After what happened to Senator Leila De Lima who is an alleged drug protector and is involved of the proliferation of illegal drugs not only inside the New Bilibid prison but in many parts of the country, according to some reports, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is now alarmed that he might be the next target because of his alleged involvement of corruption and receiving money from oligarchs to destroy the image of President Rodrigo Duterte in the public.

Trillanes is known to be a loudmouth and is trained to be a critic coming from the yellow administration where he made baseless accusations against Duterte that he had millions in his BPI bank account. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "Trillanes seems to be angrier and attacks Duterte again, this time his attack seems warning President Rodrigo Duterte to be careful after his term because he will go after him according to social media posts."

The deadly warning of Senator Trillanes went viral to all over social media posts after the senator seemed like he's been hiding secrets that he was paid to destroy the good reputation of the president.

Perhaps, Trillanes is sending a strong message to President Duterte that he should be careful next time around. Perhaps, Filipinos should know more about Trillanes that he might be deadlier than the president. Perhaps, most people don't know that he is scared more than ever. Scared people are more dangerous than criminals because of their desperate move. 

I've noticed that Trillanes is trying to put an image to Filipinos that his life is at risk against Duterte when in fact all these years he's been trying to put a good man down. Because of a majority of Filipinos who support the president, it's difficult for Trillanes to execute his bad intentions against the tough Duterte.

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