Socrates Villegas Has Called President Rodrigo Duterte 'A Corrupt Leader'

Archbishop Socrates Villegas has called President Rodrigo Duterte as the new face of a corrupt leader in the Philippines. He said that the usual face of corruption that Filipinos know is stealing from public funds. 

Villegas said, "killing is a crime and a sin whether it is done by criminals or public officials no matter what the intention. Killing people is corruption."

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "Archbishop Villegas has closed his mind that 'killing is a crime... no matter what the intention' even if it means saving many innocent lives that are easy targets by these criminals."

Mr. Dy added, "that is why we have government's rule of law in order to maintain peace and order in our society but if the Church continues to argue with it then the so-called separation between the Church and the State does not appear at all." 

I want to return these questions to the Archbishop Villegas: is asking for donations using the name of God and for personal use not a form of corruption? If killing criminals to save many innocent lives is crime and corruption, what do you suggest to reduce violent crime in the country? Can you open your eyes wide to see women being raped and murdered, children being aborted and killed by older people, being victims of armed robbery, being victims of pilitical violence, and so on? 

"In fact, using the name of God for personal political agenda is worst," Mr. Dy said. I have a question for you, is it God's will or is it your personal political attack to President Duterte that's why you called him as the new face of a corrupt leader? I don't think God has ever told you this. I just could not believe that a highly-regarded priest as you would provoke fights and quarrels among our people. 

I don't think Archbishop Villegas applies what he said to churchgoers to love and forgive your enemies or other people. It keeps me wondering why you could not find forgiveness in your heart on Duterte cursing Pope Francis over traffic during his visit a few years ago, when in fact the president already asked for forgiveness to Pope Francis as it did not really mean to hurt or disrespect him. 

I don't even understand why Catholic bishops get involved in politics when in reality they are not politicians but only want to influence them. Is it because annointing religious leaders is all about influence and politics as well? In fact, there are many deserving priests who have the right character and integrity but are not given an opportunity to lead the Catholic church in the Philippines. Is it because the most obvious reason that politics exists everywhere even inside the Church? What can you say about the hypocrisy of some Catholic priests and other religious leaders?

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