Jinggoy Estrada To Senator Leila De Lima: Don't Be A Delusional, President Duterte Has No Crush On You

By Alon Calinao Dy: Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada, the son of current Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada, called Senator Leila De Lima as the most horrible creature on earth after he heard the comments of the said senator on the TV.

According to Jinggoy Estrada facebook account, De Lima got her KARMA when she ruined their good reputations in front of the public wher witness was also a drug addict.

Estrada said that De Lima was a delusional when she mentioned President Duterte to be a secret on her because the President wanted her attention all the time.

Jinggoy Estrada also believed that Senator Leila De Lima was involved in illegal drug yrade when she was justice secretary during the Aquino administration.

The former senator questioned why Senator De Lima always talked to the convicted drug lords and why she stayed for 3 hours inside the Jaybee Sebastian's ceil at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntilupa City.

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