Two Criminology Students At OLFU Hitting A Girl Inside A Public Bus

By Alon Calinao Dy: Becoming an authorized police officer is a huge responsibility to your country and people you served with. Of course, it is that easy because there are certain tests, training and courses that you need to undergo before you become a certified police officer.

As a popular saying would say"many are called, but few are chosen. But if you fail, better luck next as you'll end up taking it again next year or if you have no patience at all, better shift to another course that you belong and happy to do. 

In this video that went viral all over social media, these young criminology students who studied at Our Lady of Fatima were caught on camera hitting a woman passenger inside a public bus.

According to the witnesses who captured the viral video, a group of women were just having fun inside the bus, taking a selfie for remembrance of themselves. But in an unexpected moment, one of these criminolgy students took out his dirty finger and shows it on the picture. 

Of course, some concerned guys confronted him in a nice way to know what's the problem, but instead of having a peaceful talk, the guy became violent together with his friend and telling them that they carry a gun. One of the criminology students hit a girl and it was caught on camera.

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