Malpractice: Nursing Attendant Puts The Life Of A Premature Baby In Danger

By Alon Calinao Dy: Liberty Flores posted about the bad condition of her premature niece in the hands of a nursing attendant who put an intravenous line at Maddela District Hospital last September 26 at around 5:50am. 

Ms. FLORES described how bad the services of public hospital especially the negative attitudes of hospital staff on the way they treated their patients.

The worst part of this complaint, the unauthorized person who is believed to be a nursing assistant put the life of a premature baby in danger. Someone should be responsible for this because we are talking about the life of an innocent baby here. 

The complainant said on her Facebook account that she got a video that would pinpoint who made an intravenous line despite the awareness of the management that the person was not authorized to do so. In short, the injury occured due to the malpractice.

Now the family of the baby is asking for people's prayers and hoping this would never happen again to other babies. Also, though it is a government hospital, every staff should be courteous, kind, understanding, and prudent to every patient they should encounter in their workplace.

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