Overseas Filipino Workers Swear To Boom Philippine's Economy Under Duterte Administration

By Alon Calinao Dy: Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have promised to Duterte administration that they will help and boom the Philippine's economy under his administration through remittances.

OFWs are the group of Filipinos around the world who had been disregarded of its importance by the previous administrations. 

Through remittances, OFWs help the Philippine's economy and they have been labeled as "new heroes" but they have been neglected for so many years by not having enough security when they are outside the country. 

Now that critics blame Duterte for the greater value of one dollar in the country, OFWs are here to support President Duterte in shaping the Philippines into a better and prosperous country.

I don't understand why these attackers if something does not happen right in the Philippines, the immediate blame is on the president when in fact a majority of oligarchs are the ones who pressure the current administration to make the Philippines "a worst country" to everyone.

Though it may be a hard fight on the part of President Duterte, thanks to our beloved OFWs who continue to help this administration despite some Philippine media who tried to put President Duterte down.

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