Senator Drilon Believes Mar Roxas Could Do Better Than President Duterte To Stop Illegal Drugs

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Drilon and his cohorts strongly believe till now that Mar Roxas could be a better president than President Duterte, and according to some reports, Roxas would make the drug lords stay away in the Islands of the Philippines. Would you believe that?

As far as I could remember, President Duterte and Roxas got a heated argument about the sudden rise of illegal drugs and criminality in the Philippines. And Duterte just called Roxas as a "pretentious leader."

How could you be a good leader if you are not aware of what is happening in the country? I don't think Roxas would make a good president. What I think of is he just a "pretentious leader" who acted to know everything even if it seemed he didn't care for every Filipino.

Now here is another senator who is telling that Mar Roxas could be a better president than Duterte. In your imagination. It's your own opinion but I have to respect it, but how could you neglect the views of millions of Filipinos who voted President Duterte.

In just 100 days of President Duterte in the office, no one could ever imagine how fast it is to have positive outcomes in the Philippines. Also, every time I talked to taxi drivers in Metro Manila, all they said that they are now safer than ever before. 

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