Online Survey: Do You Agree or Disagree With The Death Penalty?

Online Survey: Do you Agree or Disagree With The Death Penalty?



An eye for an eye. You take someone's life , I take yours. If you are against the death penalty, think of this question, "What if someone has done harm to your family?" 

I do not think that everyone deserves to die because someone wants him or her without even doing a crime. In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I believe death penalty should be given out to those who are definitely guilty of heinous crimes." 

Let us not wait until one of our family members becomes a victim by this cruel criminal. It is not right to reward murderers by keeping them alive with their crimes. If they are garbage to society, then it is the right of the government to throw them away either inside the prison or cemetery. 

I do not want innocent people suffer and I believe that a lot of innocent people are going to be killed because we do not have capital punishment in our country.
Remember, these murderers can do whatever they want to do by taking someone else's right to life.

I do not know why it is hard for our lawmakers to understand the real situation in the Philippines. So many instances, criminals do not pay for the heinous crimes they committed. Mr. Dy said, "if criminals have been proven 100% guilty, I think death penalty should be applied to have a justice for their victims."

One Facebook user said, "bring back shootings or killings!" Others said, we need lethal injection to make it simple and easy, but others disagreed since it would make criminals even more comfortable without feeling the pain of the victims.

I understand that everyone wants peace and harmony to society, but how can people achieve all of these if some lawmakers, human rights advocates, and CBCP do not want the restoration of death penalty in the country. I think we've been presented wrong interpretations about death penalty by these 'pro-lifers.'

If death penalty can save more innocent lives and reduce crime rates, so be it. I don't understand why these so-called pro life people are against it and focus so much on extrajudicial killings, blaming the Duterte administraton for the killings of these drug pushers and heartless criminals. They are good critics, but none of them are good enough in finding a solution on how to prevent crime in the country.

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