Watch Video: Accidents Can Be Avoided If Drivers Have A Proper Discipline On The Road

Last July 6, 2016, I wrote an article entitled should reckless drivers be penalized For Not Respecting Pedestrians? Definitely, Yes!

"Reckless driving should not be tolerated in the Philippines," Mr. Alon Calinao Dy said. Many Filipino drivers do not respect pedestrians. They do not give way to people who are using pedestrian lanes. That is why accident like in this video, is more common nowadays.

According to some reports, a CCTV footage captured the incident last February 9, 2017, wherein students and parents walked at Prado Saba Elementary School, around 7:58 in the morning when the Bataan Transit Bud with a body no. 2942 hit Mrs. Alma Lalic Alfaro, 38 years old, and two of her children, a 6-year-old Ann Lorraine, a 3-year-old Lorenz Albert.

Mr. Dy added "it seems the respect we had, is gone." I don't think respectful drivers would do such thing. I don't think we respect and value life these days. We need to correct this problem. If there is a pedestrian lane with people crossing along, then every careful driver should stop and respect pedestrians. 

I could blame the bus driver and the one who made a go signal to cross the pedestrian lane or either way, but every good and disciplined driver should think the safety of everyone not only their passengers but also the people who are on the road. 

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