Should Death Penalty Be Allowed in the Philippines?

By Alon Calinao Dy: I have heard a lot from Filipinos across the country that they are in favor of the restoration of the death penalty in the Philippines. 

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I support President Duterte and Senator Manny Pacquiao about their plan to bring back a capital punishment in the country and to punish those people who commit heinous crimes.

I graduated as a high school student from a minor seminary last 2001 at Seminario De Jesus Nazareno in Borongan, Eastern, Samar, and I always believe that life is precious and a gift from God. Therefore, no one has the right to take away what God had given us except if it's God's will.

However, as I have realized and get older and older, I always think about the victim's side. Even God does not want these victims to be killed by these heartless criminals. But the only reason why bad things happen to us because God had given us a WILL to do good or bad things. It's all up to us. 

I believe this WILL that God had given us comes with a huge responsibility and accountability. If one person commits a grave crime, then this person should be accountable for it and the death penalty serves moral and just for the purpose of maintaining peace and order in the society.

I don't understand why some priests and pastors kept on saying that what makes us different from these criminals if we kill them. It is true that violence is bad but if people let these criminals live and tolerate their criminal activities, many innocent lives are going to die. 

I don't think religious congregations have given clear solutions on how to end criminalities except through the beliefs in the power of prayer and forgiveness to one another. Of course, I always believe that prayer is a powerful weapon, but the meaning of forgiveness has been abused by a lot of people so many times.

I don't think it's OK to say Sorry after one person killed another. I don't think being a forgiving person taught us to value the importance of life. I mean forgiveness has been used by some people to avoid punishment and not being responsible for their actions.

I feel that many criminals today can easily walk away from their illegal activities because they think government's laws are soft for them. Therefore, I support the proposal of some lawmakers that it is the right time to reconsider the restoration of death penalty in the country since Philippines became a drug den where people can easily buy, use, and produce illegal drugs.

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