Erwin Tulfo To Congressman Gary Alejano: Use Your Brain

TV and Radio Host Erwin Tulfo has released a viral video saying to representatives Gary Alejano to use his brain. The people have shared this video a thousand times on social media after Tulfo made it right, describing to social media followers and to everyone that it is not Alejano's duty to investigate and impeach President Rodrigo Duterte. 

A brave Tulfo was saying the truth about Congressman Alejano that he has not use his brain well if it's still functioning or not. Using a brain for a Congressman is an important part of his job, without proper thinking it would create a big problem among its people.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I believe Mr. Erwin Tulfo got the correct description of Congressman Gary Alejano. For me, he is a st*pid Congressman who did not know his functions as a legislator. I wonder how he became a congressman. That's just my opinion."

Alejano was frustrated after the lower house or congress put his impeachment complaint against president Duterte about extrajudicial killings into the trash. Their allegations were purely political and have not supported by any reliable evidence at all.

Netizens all over social media commented that Alejano and Trillanes are both st*pid politicians, and many Filipinos have repented why they have supported these two id*ots. Others said that they are paid politicians who worked under oligarchs, but every abusive politician will come to an end soon as  many Filipinos have promised that this will be their last career. 
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