Do You Believe That Philippines is Owned By One Filipino Family?

By Alon Calinao Dy: There are some people who claimed that Philippines belonged to royal family Tagean Tallano family, would you believe that? 

My friend Dolores Borres, one of the administrators of the biggest Facebook Duterte groups all over social media, sent me evidences from Queen Salvacion Espiritu whose noble Kingdom of Maharlika is now reborn as Kingdom of Filipina Hacienda that Republic of the Philippines was a corporation. That's what she called the authocratic monarchy as they believed that before Spanish came in the Philippines many decades ago, absolute monarchy system of government already existed.

For further information, the Kingdom Filipina Hacienda gave this link for every Filipino to read their standpoint. Click the link below:

It is quite intriguing because I've never heard about the story that the whole Philippine archipelago was owned by one royal family Tagean Tallano Family. To arouse my curiosity, I, Mr. Alon Dy, spent an hour of my time to write about this historical claim by Kingdom Filipina Hacienda. Watch this video below:

After I watched the interview between Doc John and Prince Julian Morden Tallano, the last heir of the self-proclaimed royal family said that originally they came from Genghis Khan, a very famous ruler, who almost conquered the whole world.

It's all up to you if you believe or not about his story that royal Tallano family had owned a vast of land that was called before Mahalika, and not Philippines.

He also claimed that no royal family existed before them. But the interviewer questioned Prince Tallano: why there was no records about them in history? Based on his response, he insisted that he had some evidences and even Scarborough Shoal he said that it belonged to the royal Tagean Tallano family.

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