Agot Isidro Complains About Traffic Jam Under Duterte Administration

By Alon Calinao Dy: When it comes to a horrendous montrous traffic jam being experienced daily by commuters, I'd say that it is everyone's concern and the former Aquino administration didn't do anything to solve the traffic woe's especially in Metro Manila. 

I don't think critics should blame the current administration because traffic jams were already the big problems of the commuters from the past administrations.

In this report, Actress Agot Isidro voiced out her opinion about her bad experience regarding the heavy traffic problems in Metro Manila, blaming the president for it.

Netizens did not like what they heard or read on the news report that spread all over social media about the actress' comments since traffic congestion already existed before Duterte won the presidency.

Though it's true that traffic jams can kill every person because of too much air pollution, it is not right that critics will blame everything to the current administration especially when most Filipinos have seen a hardworking and intillegent president who has a genuine love for his country and people.

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