President Rodrigo Duterte Brings Back The Respect of Superpowers To Filipinos

By Alon Calinao Dy: In just a few months as the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Duterte has been admired not by a lot of Filipinos around the world but also internationally. 

Many Filipinos considered Duterte as a leader who has a genuine love for the poor and a leader called the "Punisher" for his war on drugs and being the only leader who condemned corruption within the government agencies, law enforcement and public servants.

Mr. Alon Dy, a blogger and avid supporter of President Duterte said "President Duterte is the most trusted public official in the Philippines because he is honest and fair." Many Filipinos love him for who he is.

In a recent post of President spokesperson of President Duterte, Peter Tiu Lavina said "our president is not quarreling with anyone, not even the EU and the UN, he is simply sending a clear message - we the Filipino people are not anyone's slaves! We are their friends and partners, on equal footing, not their lackeys!"

While there are anti-Duterte because of the reports that President Duterte declared separation of long-time ally U.S., the president himself made it clear to everyone that he doesn't want to cut ties with the America but only "separation of foreign policy."

President Duterte said it after he returned to the Philippines from China. "It is not severance of ties. You say severance of ties, you cut the diplomatic relations. I cannot do that."  Duterte knows how to maintain good relations to superpowers like USA, China and Russia.

What Filipinos think of President Rodrigo Duterte now is a man full of respect for his country because he brings back the respect of world leaders to the Philippines as Filipinos "are not anyone's slaves" as what Peter Lavina said on his Facebook post.

With him as president, Filipinos are known around the world for being bold and have respect for themselves. It seems President Duterte wants to tell everyone that Philippines can surely survive any obstacles in life if they are united and try not to fear the word change.

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