A Call Center Agent Woman Killed During Robbery At Guadalupe Bridge in Mandaluyong City

A 24-year-old call center agent, Eleanor Gonzales, was killed last February 10 while walking at Guadalupe Bridge in Mandaluyong City by an unidentified holdup man. Ms. Gonzales was a breadwinner of the family that worked at Makati-based call center company. 

Guadalupe Bridge in Mandaluyong City has no CCTV camera and this perpetrator is still at large and could do more killings to innocent people who work hard for their respective families. 

"It is sad to know that another victim of robbery was killed by this cruel-animal killer," Mr. Alon Calinao Dy said on his blog post.

According to Mr. Dy, he asked, "how many more innocent lives will be at stake because some alleged corrupt politicians do not want death penalty in our country?" 

A priest commented to the blog I posted and asked, "if killing to the criminals will be allowed in the country, what makes you different from other criminals?" I answered, if killing will save more innocent lives, I would not consider myself as a criminal but a hero.

I do not understand why some religious leaders are great pretenders. It is okay for them that the family members of the victims suffer. I do not understand why they misinterpreted the meaning of "thou shall not kill" by God when in fact they tolerated these criminals to live free. Mr. Dy said, "stop being too kind and caring when you know you are not."

“Eleanor was a very kind daughter. She never answers back. She had big dreams for us. She wanted to save up to give us a house, and send her youngest sibling to school,” according to her grieving mother. 

Remains of  Eleanor were brought to her hometown in Zamboanga City. Though the family of Gonzales is asking for justice, these incidents happened almost in different parts in Metro Manila, and these criminals can easily get away with their crimes because victims have no time and afraid to file a case against them. Mr. Dy said,  "swift justice should be made such as the restoration of death penalty in the Philippines."

Justice will not be achieved for Ms. Gonzales for as long as there are criminals out there who are free to do whatever they want to do. 

Justice will not be served for as long the country is not safe as there are drug protectors and corrupt politicians out there who abuse their power. 

Justice will never happen if there is someone like Ms. Gonzales who is a victim of poverty. There is poverty because we allow rampant corruption in our society. It happens in government agencies, churches, private sectors, and everywhere.

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