President Rodrigo Duterte To Crooked Cops: Surrender your Badge or Go To Basilan

Philippine Rodrigo Roa Duterte asked PNP officials to give him a list of those crooked policemen. He reprimanded and warned them of their illegal activities. He also said to them that they would be reassigned to Basilan for 2 years and will keep an eye on them, or they could surrender their badge and look for another decent jobs. 

However, the president believes that these policemen can become "the most dangerous criminals" in the society if they choose the dark side. Duterte also believes that the endemic corruption within the Philippine National Police (PNP) should be stopped in order to bring back the trust of the Filipino people.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "policemen who are secretly involved to illegal drug trade, protectors of high-ranking corrupt politicians and those who abuse their power should be held responsible for their actions. Those who entered the police force because they want to become rich should think twice as President Duterte reiterated that this line of work is helping the poor, victims of heinous crimes and those who seek for justice."

Mr. Dy added, "President Duterte wants to have law enforcers who respect the rule of law and those who really perform their jobs as protectors of poor and victims of injustice acts; and not protectors of rich and influential politicians, drug lords and others."

A lot of Filipinos have lost their confidence to police officers because of various crimes they are involved such as the alleged brutal killing of a South Korean businessman by corrupt police officials. In fact, some Duterte supporters said on Facebook, "kill these corrupt cops. They are the sick people within the police force." This is a simple message that Filipinos are tired of those scalawags

Being a humble president, he apologized to South Korean investors as he promised swift retribution to the murder of businessman Jee Ick-joo in the camp Crame. As ordered by the president, PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa said "we are going to dissolve anti-drug units of the PNP in all levels, including the anti-illegal drugs group." 

Duterte administration felt the urgent need to pinpoint those cops who are corrupt and involved in illegal drug trade and other criminal activities. Imagine, cases of kidnap victims being killed that involved crooked cops had been brought out by concerned citizens.  

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