President Rodrigo Duterte Stance: "I Would Rather Lose My Presidency, Than Lose My Dignity"

By Alon Calinao Dy: President Rodrigo Duterte is a man of honor who repeatedly said to all Filipinos around the world that "I would rather lose the election, or lose the presidency, than lose my dignity." In short, he is a man of word.

Filipinos could not see this kind of attitude to some senators who are allegedly involved in illegal drugs, corruption and criminality even though there are a lot of eveidences that would link them to these criminal activities.

The rise of narco politicians in the country in the Philippines is a clear evidence that previous administrations have not done its best to eliminate these drug lords and drug protectors in the country, as they themselves are also involved in the illegal drug trade.

The problem in the Philippines is not what "yellowtards" called decency since the moment many Filipinos suffered because of injustice acts by some elite and powerful Filipinos in the society was the start of downfall of every common Filipino who was calling out for a real leader who could give them a true justice.

When President Duterte became a president, almost everything changed. What's wrong with a true change? Though critics always emphasized that the image of the Philippines became bad because of Duterte's foul language, he is just an honest and sincere political leader who is willing to give his own life for the country. 

Being a solid supporter of President Duterte (Alon Dy), I have not seen any wrong at all because a true respect naturally comes out when you have clean and good intentions for others. It is all about the good legacy of President Duterte what matters the most. After all, his determination for a real change is the hope of every Filipino who aims for a better life.

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