Watch Video: Is Senator Leila De Lima Guilty For Being An Alleged Drug Trafficker?

I watched the video of Senator Leila de Lima in the Senate who got mad  to a lawyer named Topacio who she believed called her as a 'drug trafficker,' but I have not heard this lawyer said that name to her. De lima became very emotional, and that's one of reasons why many commentors on Facebook said that guilty people are very sensitive about it as if they are always the topics of illegal drug trade.

The lady senator said, “Yes, but of all people, why single out only Senator Leila de Lima? I’m not a drug trafficker! Bakit hindi mo pangalanan yung mga tunay na drug trafficker. Ako lang ang kinakasuhan nyo (Why don’t you name the real traffickers. I’m the only one you’re accusing).” 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "some people are using the name of God so that Death Penalty in the Philippines would not be reimposed. There are these so-called human rights advocates, religious leaders, yellow minions, corrupt politicians, and oligarchs who do not want this kind of punishment because they want more innocent women and children to suffer and become easy victims by these cruel criminals each day."

Enough is enough. Filipinos have already witnessed how the former Aquino administration handled drug problems as big as this. The truth is that many drug traders could still do their illegal activities even inside the New Bilibid Prison because many law enforcers and high-ranking officials were also linked to drug trafficking.

President Duterte is tough and the only president who stood against his nemesis, and is capable of terminating those drug lords and pushers in the country whether these people are politicians, policemen and businessmen.

The fact remains that this fight is a very hard battle to win, but a majority of Filipinos support President Duterte as this is the fight of every Filipino who wants to have a bright future for their children and who wants to stop the proliferation of narcotics in the country.

 Senator Manny Pacquiao supports President Duterte in pushing the restoration of  Death Penalty  in the country. He said "on a personal view, I can forgive. However, the heinous crime of drug trafficking is committed not just against a person, but against the nation. Drug traffickers deserve death penalty."

Photo credit from CNN Philippines
Mr. Dy always believes that President Duterte and Senator Manny Pacquiao are one of the most brightest political leaders today. It's just sad that some Filipinos view Pacquiao as a global boxing icon who became senator because of his popularity. Though it's partially real, the truth is, Pacquiao is smarter than Senator De Lima, Pangilinan, and Trillanes. Their advanced thinking is really all about the good future for the Filipinos and for the love of this country.

There are only a few good leaders who have a strong will to change the old, corrupt system of the government. I don't think the yellow senators will have the power to stop the will of the people and what a majority of Filipinos want to do in this country. If Filipinos want to have a capital punishment, then it can be made because their strong voice is what the people want from their government.

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