Both Supporters of Grey And Bisnar Continue War On Facebook: Who's The Real Drug Lord in San Jorge Samar?

One of Samar's biggest problems aside from poverty is illegal drugs. Many people have been found guilty of narcotics but they could run away with their money, private armies and influence. 

President Rodrigo Duterte became successful when he intensified its campaign against illegal drug trade. Espinosa family, as one of big time drug syndicates in Eastern Visayas, had been exposed to the public. But there is one more that People in Samar want to know who are those drug kingpins that continue to conduct narcotics in different places in Samar. 

Now the war continues between Grey and Bisnar supporters in San Jorge, Western Samar. Because of the recent ambush to Mr. Lester Bisnar, both camps are throwing accusations at each other who is the real drug lord in their small town and where the proliferation of narcotics started. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, a blogger and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, he said "illegal drugs are one of the biggest problems in Samar right now, if not the leading problem in the province. Don't wait till President Rodrigo Duterte will come after you because he really hates drugs, I'll tell you. I think all Duterte supporters hate drugs as well."

Eversince the social media became more popular than Philippine 'biased' media, supporters of Duterte can say whatever they want to say for as long as they are in the side of truth and for the love of countrymen. 

In the defense to criminal charges to Grey Brothers, the sons of San Jorge Samar Mayor Joseph Grey, Michael Grey defended his family and posted this message on Facebook. He said "Hndi po kami untouchable.....sumusunod po kami sa batas at may takot po kami sa diyos... c lester bisnar po ay isang drug pusher at adik kahit mag imbestiga po kayo.... hindi po kami abusado sa posisyon kahit ipagtanong sa lahat ng tao ng san jorge...."

This post was released after The Untouchable Grey Brothers: Suspects For The Ambush Of Duterte Supporter's Lester Bisnar article went viral to several Facebook pages in just a few hours. 

However, one of the supporters of Mr. Lester Bisnar said the opposite. It said "Wag na kayo magmalinis Grey Brothers dahil simulat sapol pagdodroga lang ang alam nyo, pananakot at pagpatay! Lahat kayo dakilang asa sa mga magulang nyo! Walang nagkatrabaho sa inyo! Sa dinami dami nyong pinatay wag nyong isiping makakaligtas nalang kayo ng ganun ganun nalang hangang sa kamatayan nyo dala dala nyo mga yn hanggang sa dulo ng angkan nyo! Magbabayad kayo!"

Not only in real life, the war on Facebook is going on. I think it is better to have a thorough investigation and drug tests for these politicians who are involved of illegal drug trade in Samar. 

In a few months since President Duterte took office, an estimated close to a million drug dependents and pushers who have surrendered to the government authorities. But there are influential and politicians in Samar that need to be checked for their criminal activities to make Samar a peaceful province for everyone.

As long as there are high-ranking police officials and politicians who are protectors of illegal drug trade in Samar, I believe finding a solution to stop unsolved killings in the province will be much more complicated than anyone anticipated. And the serious problem with these drug lords, they are ready to silence those witnessess who would reveal their true identities.

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