Do You Think Terrorist Cayamora Maute Deserves A Punishment of Death Penalty?

The head of Maute terror group, Mr. Cayamora Maute, also known as the patriarch, was arrested last June 6 in Davao City. He was inside a van along with other relatives and a driver. 

Maute terror group had accounted several killings of innocent people in Marawi City and was one of the reasons why President Rodrigo Roa Duterte declared Martial Law in order to protect the lives of local people and protect the Republic of the Philippines from the rebellion. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "the Philippine government is trying hard to end the rebellion and criminal activities of two known terrorist groups, the Maute and the Abu Sayaff, who have pledged allegiance to International terror group Islamic State (ISIS)." 

Until now, these terrorist groups are on the loose and other locals are perhaps tolerating and supporting their evil acts even though they have been using their own religion in a wrong and sinful way to recruit other Muslims to become one of them. 
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