Senator Franklin Drilon And Senator Leila De Lima Blame President Duterte Why Philippines is Poor

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reports all over social media that the two opposition senators, Senator Drilon and Senator De Lima, blame President Rodrigo Duterte why the Philippines is still poor today because of his foul language.

Some biased media reported that President Duterte said the word "son of a whore" to U.S. President Barack Obama, but the report was not true since President Duterte explained thoroughly the sitiation why he said that statement and that was not referring to the American president.

Oligarchs have economic controls in the Philippines and some of them do not agree with the current administration's policy against contractualization of the employees as this temporary work lacks compensation and benefits among Filipino workers.

Senator Drilon said, “so the fact is, if we lose these privileges it will adversely affect our economy, and in turn the livelihood of millions of our countrymen. So it is very critical that we maintain our good relations with our longtime partners and allies in the US and EU.” 

Drilon also added, “The country cannot afford to lose the support of its longtime ally countries, especially in the economic and development sectors.”

Aside from Drilon, Sen. De Lima blamed President Duterte for the econic meltdown. But the truth is, the problems of the Philippine economy cannot be blamed to the president alone since there are a few rich and powerful people in the country who almost owned the vast land of the Philippines but not the hearts of a majority of the Filipinos.

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