2 Alleged Sex Videos Of Senator Leila De Lima Hold By The DOJ

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reports all over the social media that Department of Justice (DOJ) has finally got the two alleged sex videos of Sen. De Lima partnered with high-profile drug lord Jaybee Sebastian and driver Ronnie Dayan.

Sen. Fraklin Drilon and other LP senators said that releasing a video without a person's consent is considered as illegal.

Thus, Senator De Lima got full support from other congressmen and religious groups, considering the current news on social media that DOJis now ready to release those videos if necessary.

Netizens slammed De Lima saying that she is a public servant and what she did was immoral especially she is now a senator and many children can possibly watch her 2 alleged sex videos on various occasions.

In one of the social pages in support to President Rodrigo below, this page posted the latest update about the possibility of 2 alleged sex videos on two different partners.

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