Former President Aquino Denies Senator Leila De Lima's Involvement in Illegal Drug Trade

By Alon Calinao Dy: Ex-president Aquino did not believe that his former Justice Secretary who is now a senator is involved in a big syndicate of alleged proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines particularly inside the New Bilibid Prison.

It seems the former Aquino administration did not know what his people were doing as if things were out of control and could not monitor what happened inside the maximum prison in Muntinlupa City.

Imagine, who would have thought that the supposedly the most strict prison in the Philippines could be the place of narcotics trade where high-profile drug inmates could do anything they want to do.

Many Filipinos became frustrated about this old, corrupt system of the government wherein one could no longer trust some law enforcers, judges and politicians because the fear that they might be involved in these criminal activities.

Netizens already knew that both former president PNoy Aquino and Sen. De Lima have a deep friendship between each other; and so Filipinos no longer care for what the ex-president said, as if he doesn't have a credibility now.

Mr. Alon Dy  wrote on his blog that "one way on how to make people believe in you is to be true to yourself." If someone is denying something that is true, then he is losing his credibility. That's want he wanted to say.

Now, a lot of netizens are frustrated why some corrupt politicians in the government can freely do what they want to do even if there are pending cases against them. The only reason why people see is that Philippines has slowest justice system in the world.

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