Senator Manny Pacquiao Gives Over 1,000 Homes To The Filipino Homeless People

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Manny Pacquiao's critics have nothing good to say about him as they considered him as an uneducated person who won the senatorial race last May 2016 because of his popularity. 

Critics can say all they want to say all day long, little did they know, Senator Pacquiao built over 1,000 homes for the homeless Filipinos who are now enjoying the comfort of his generosity.

Pacquiao became a multi-millionaire from his successful professional boxing career and became one of the best boxers in the world today. He is also a future hall of fame in boxing.

The neophyte senator said "I'm so happy giving all these houses to thousands of homeless Filipinos from my own pocket." Pacquiao always believes that when a person is generous to others, more blessings will come in life.

Now for those critics who continue to castigate Pacquiao with their hated words, does Pacquiao deserve a huge respect for being a certified public servant in the Philippines? 

Definitely, Yes! 

Pacquiao became an inspiration for many Filipinos around the world. He became the most fampus boxer and got a lot of respect in the sports of boxing. But not only that, he shared his blessings to the poor people when some biased media remained silent about his generosity. But for Pacman, it's just OK.

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