Mocha Uson Exposes A List Of 'Fake Duterte Blogs' On Social Media

By Alon Calinao Dy: Nowadays, it is difficult to identify those blogs who are calling themselves as Duterte fans but the truth is, these sites are not actually genuine supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte's advocacy for a real change. 

Mocha Uson, a true solid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte just had a list of "Fake Duterte blogs" that President Duterte supporters should watch for. 

Mocha Uson wrote on her blog, "Isa sa mga Propaganda ng mga Dilaw ay gumawa ng mga fake "Duterte Blog" tapos maglalabas ng mga fake news para ito ay i-share ng mga DDS (Pro-Duterte). At pag ito ay kinagat ng mga Pro-Duterte biglang sasabihin ng mga DILAW na BOBO, TANGA or DUTERTARDS ang mga ito. Kaya mga kaDDS ingat po tayo sa mga blog na ito. 

Sites with FAKE News:
1. Pinoy Speak (Duterte News)
2. DW-TV3
3. Updater24
4. BBC101
5. Du30newsinfo
6. Okd2
7. Newstrendph
8. Tartey (Pinoy Viral News)
9. Balitang Pinas
10. Pilipinas Online Updates
11. Pinoy Article
12. Social News PH 

Satire Site 
1. Dai1lymail or Mail In One
2. The T1mes
3. Guard1an
5. Da1lymail
6. So, What’s News?
7. Adobo Chronicles"

While it is advisable to watch these "fake Duterte blogs," it is really hard to determine whose sites are coming from the opposition and pro Duterte blogs. But definitely, this blog of mine will support President Duterte's advocacy for a real change. 

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