Drug Lord Kerwin Espinosa To Name Mayors, Governors And Congressmen Involved in Illegal Drug Trade

By Alon Calinao Dy: After suspected Drug Lord Kerwin Espinosa captured in Abu Dhabi a couple of days ago, his cohorts in a big Espinosa group Syndicate were also arrested by the law enforcers. 

Kerwin Espinosa, also known as "BOSS K," is said to reveal the names of mayors, governors and congressmen who are involved in narcotics trade in the coming days.

Last August, Kerwin Espinosa's father, Albuera Mayor Roland Espinosa of Leyte province admitted that his son was a drug lord and operating his drug business in the Eastern Visayas. 

Mr. Alon Dy wrote on his blog saying that "President Duterte will not stop looking those corrupt government officials who are kingpins of illegal drug trade in the Philippines." 

Drugs have been a major problem for countries for a very long time. Sadly, some countries do not have strong leaders as President Duterte who would stop narcotics trade. 

Though these nations have strict laws about illegal drug trade as they have a capital punishment, abuse of drug use has become an enormous danger for everyone. In the Philippines, Filipinos expect that the government would continue their campaign against illegal drug trade.

Kerwin Espinosa and his group members should reveal the people behind the proliferation of narcotics trade in the country. Sandra Cam also believed that the younger Espinosa might reveal those corrupt government officials involving mayors, governors, congressmen, and generals.

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