Thursday, September 29, 2016

President Duterte To Senator Miriam Santiago: Remember, Miriam

By Alon Calinao Dy: Former Senator Miriam Santiago is known as "Iron Lady of Asia" and President Rodrigo Duterte said to the one of the brightest senators if not the smartest of all to remember her memories. 

It was so sad to know that Philippines lost one of the best leaders Filipinos ever had. But may her soul rest in peace and continue to guide our country and our people according to statement of President Duterte.

Miriam Santiago reminded Filipinos that life on earth is short and that let's do good things for others because all of us are just passengers in this world, and whatever people have could not be brought to another life.

This is a message to our beloved President Duterte to always remember MIRIAM SANTIAGO who fought for the rights of other people especially for the poor. An iron lady who hated corruption in the government. 

Santiago, who battled a very hard fight against a lung cancer, died last Thursday at the age of 71 while she was asleep in the morning, but her memories will always be remembered by many Filipinos around the world. 

Junjun Binay Wants Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in Jail Over Libel Case

By Alon Calinao Dy: Things get bad between Former Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV when Trillanes made allegations against the younger Binay that were not true.

Junjun Binay said that he wants Senator Trillanes to go to jail for accusing him of bribing two Court of Appeals justices.

Supporters of Binay said that now is a payback time and that Trillanes should go to jail not at the Senate. 

The younger Binay said that "this may be a lesson for Trillanes that he could not use his position being a senator to bully or destroy someone's good reputation." 

Trillanes also was caught in the act when he made fabricated stories against President Rodrigo Duterte that he had multi-million pesos  on his bank account at the BPI but when it was showed it didn't prove anything. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Overseas Filipino Workers Swear To Boom Philippine's Economy Under Duterte Administration

By Alon Calinao Dy: Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have promised to Duterte administration that they will help and boom the Philippine's economy under his administration through remittances.

OFWs are the group of Filipinos around the world who had been disregarded of its importance by the previous administrations. 

Through remittances, OFWs help the Philippine's economy and they have been labeled as "new heroes" but they have been neglected for so many years by not having enough security when they are outside the country. 

Now that critics blame Duterte for the greater value of one dollar in the country, OFWs are here to support President Duterte in shaping the Philippines into a better and prosperous country.

I don't understand why these attackers if something does not happen right in the Philippines, the immediate blame is on the president when in fact a majority of oligarchs are the ones who pressure the current administration to make the Philippines "a worst country" to everyone.

Though it may be a hard fight on the part of President Duterte, thanks to our beloved OFWs who continue to help this administration despite some Philippine media who tried to put President Duterte down.

Malpractice: Nursing Attendant Puts The Life Of A Premature Baby In Danger

By Alon Calinao Dy: Liberty Flores posted about the bad condition of her premature niece in the hands of a nursing attendant who put an intravenous line at Maddela District Hospital last September 26 at around 5:50am. 

Ms. FLORES described how bad the services of public hospital especially the negative attitudes of hospital staff on the way they treated their patients.

The worst part of this complaint, the unauthorized person who is believed to be a nursing assistant put the life of a premature baby in danger. Someone should be responsible for this because we are talking about the life of an innocent baby here. 

The complainant said on her Facebook account that she got a video that would pinpoint who made an intravenous line despite the awareness of the management that the person was not authorized to do so. In short, the injury occured due to the malpractice.

Now the family of the baby is asking for people's prayers and hoping this would never happen again to other babies. Also, though it is a government hospital, every staff should be courteous, kind, understanding, and prudent to every patient they should encounter in their workplace.

Jinggoy Estrada To Senator Leila De Lima: Don't Be A Delusional, President Duterte Has No Crush On You

By Alon Calinao Dy: Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada, the son of current Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada, called Senator Leila De Lima as the most horrible creature on earth after he heard the comments of the said senator on the TV.

According to Jinggoy Estrada facebook account, De Lima got her KARMA when she ruined their good reputations in front of the public wher witness was also a drug addict.

Estrada said that De Lima was a delusional when she mentioned President Duterte to be a secret on her because the President wanted her attention all the time.

Jinggoy Estrada also believed that Senator Leila De Lima was involved in illegal drug yrade when she was justice secretary during the Aquino administration.

The former senator questioned why Senator De Lima always talked to the convicted drug lords and why she stayed for 3 hours inside the Jaybee Sebastian's ceil at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntilupa City.

Actress Heart Evangelista And Senator Chiz Escudero Join President Duterte Team

By Alon Calinao Dy: As a part for a better change in the Philippines, a couple Actress Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero joined the Duterte team to Vietnam as part of the current administration to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Actress Heart has recently realized that President Duterte was a simple and nice person whe she met him a couple of days ago. The actress also believed the sincerity of the president when it comes to his responsibilities as the head of state.

President Duterte may have a bad image to some biased international and local media, but the truth reveals that he is one of the most pleasing presidents that Filipinos ever have  had in the country.

Aside from the many detractors of the Duterte administration that is now facing, Senator De Lima on the alleged of her involvement over the illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison, had a press conference proving herself as an innocent against all these allegations.

Things have changed now, so far so good, when President Duterte already acquired a long list of high-profile drug lords and protectors in the Philippines. Though some reports confirmed that this fight may be a dangerous battle for Duterte, the president will always stands brave for the Filipinos and for the truth only.

High-profile Inmate Drug Lord Jaybee Sebastian Wants To Confess Everything To President Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: Latest reports have just said that the high-profile inmate drug lord Jaybee Sebastian wanted to talk to President Rodrigo Duterte about his knowledge regarding the issues of massive proliferation of illegal drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison.

Sebastian's lawyers admitted this confession after the drug lord almost killed in the riot that occured ealier in the maximun compound prison. 

According to the reports, Jaybee Sebastian is expected to attend at the Senate hearing to testify against Senator De Lima and her cohorts, but something inside the NBP happened that brought other inmate in a critical condition and one died.

Though Sen. De Lima denied the allegations that she has no knowledge or whatsover, Sebastian lawyer, perhaps, wanted his client to be in a protective custody because Jaybee Sebastian has planned to tell everything he knows after his surgery.

For now, it is still a big question mark who started the riot inside the maximum security prison and why these high-profile drug lord inmates have been the targets of possible assassination by unknown personnel. Perhaps, this could be due to the ongoing investigation of the alleged involvement of Sen. De Lima on illegal drugs.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ben Tulfo Blames Aquino And De Lima on Massive Problem of Illegal Drugs Drugs

By Alon Calinao Dy: TV Host Ben Tulfo knew that Philippines got a lot of problems in regards to illegal drug trade and even many young people have confessed and surrendered that they have been using narcotics. 

Perhaps, the brave and honest TV commentator as Ben Tulfo, wanted to eliminate these high-profile drug lords that may be causing a big problem in the country. 

Though the recent news said that these big-time criminals and drug lords as Peter Co, Jaybee Sebastian and Vincent Sy had been critically wounded inside the riot at the New Bilibid Prison, some people still believe on the alleged that there would be foul play happened in order these drug kingpins would stop testifying at the Senate against the possible link of De Lima and Aquino.

It is, therefore, understandable that a respectable TV commenter Ben Tulfo would link these two possible high-profile officials on the large scale of illegal drug trade at the time of their term as public servants.

Tulfo brothers had consistently campaigned against illegal drugs in the country when lots of Filipino listeners followed them whenever they said something on the TV or radio station. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Share If You Believe And Support Senators Pacquiao, Lacson, Gordon And Cayetano

By Alon Calinao Dy: Not everyday Filipinos have enough time to thank these senators (Manny Pacquiao, Panfilo Lacson, Dick Gordon, and Alan Peter Cayetano) who fought for the truth the Filipinos need to know and for the reputation of our country.

Soon, the truth will come out and I am grateful for having these promising senators who would be the true defenders of Filipino people when some of their colleagues have their own political agenda for their one's own interest.

I understand why some critics judge President Rodrigo Duterte based on his foul language, but I don't think these so-called decent senators understand that, since they had dominated this country for many years and things got worst over the years especially the fight over illegal drugs.

I am determined that with the help of a majority of Filipinos all over the world, the evil plans of opposition to destroy the children's future will be prevented just as long as Filipinos will unite and come together for a real change.

With a right kind of leadership in the country, these senators I mentioned above who have great concerns for Filipinos are doing their best they can to make this country a better one, while other members of the senate strongly disagree for this real change and actually haven't got a good plan for this country.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Senator Drilon Believes Mar Roxas Could Do Better Than President Duterte To Stop Illegal Drugs

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Drilon and his cohorts strongly believe till now that Mar Roxas could be a better president than President Duterte, and according to some reports, Roxas would make the drug lords stay away in the Islands of the Philippines. Would you believe that?

As far as I could remember, President Duterte and Roxas got a heated argument about the sudden rise of illegal drugs and criminality in the Philippines. And Duterte just called Roxas as a "pretentious leader."

How could you be a good leader if you are not aware of what is happening in the country? I don't think Roxas would make a good president. What I think of is he just a "pretentious leader" who acted to know everything even if it seemed he didn't care for every Filipino.

Now here is another senator who is telling that Mar Roxas could be a better president than Duterte. In your imagination. It's your own opinion but I have to respect it, but how could you neglect the views of millions of Filipinos who voted President Duterte.

In just 100 days of President Duterte in the office, no one could ever imagine how fast it is to have positive outcomes in the Philippines. Also, every time I talked to taxi drivers in Metro Manila, all they said that they are now safer than ever before. 

Congressman Lito Atienza Thanks President Rodrigo Duterte

Representative Lito Atienza admitted that the drug problem in the Philippines is immense. He thanked President Rodrigo Duterte and the efforts of police personnel for eliminating those drug lords and protectors in the country.

Atienza also believed that that are evidences that would link Sen. Leila De Lima to illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison when sge was still a Justice Secretary during Aquino term.

'Untouchable' Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Finds New Evidences On Matobato's Claims

By Alon Calinao Dy: Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV has not stopped there and wants to prove that Matobato's testimony is true as he'd promised a few days ago to come up with new evidences that would link President Duterte to extrajudicial killings and summary executions during his term as a Davao City mayor.

Perhaps, Filipinos are more aware and intelligent than ever before. As I still remember, Senator Trillanes gathered and presented evidences against Duterte that he had multi-million pesos at the BPI bank, but later proved that the said accusations were proven wrong and merely speculations from unknown sources.

Trillanes and his cohorts have not actually found new evidences even if they would have another "PLAN B"according to Senator Cayetano to destroy the good reputations of the current administration. If Matobato was really telling the truth, it would be easy for him to tell everything he knew. But it seems he was waiting for a coach in every speech.

Perhaps, Trillanes tried to cover up De Lima against her alleged involvement in illegal drug trade. But Filipinos need to know the whole truth and what's the reason behind this black propaganda against President Duterte.

If this is to embarrass President Duterte, then it seems the reputation of the Philippines is at stake. Every Filipino all over the world is affected because opposition has committed a terrible mistake in trying to put Duterte administration down.

CBCP To Duterte Supporters: Stop Idolizing Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: Despite many positive outcomes in the Philippines, CBCP Archbishops Villegas and Cruz called Filipinos to stop idolizing President Rodrigo Duterte as he was linked to extrajudicial killings and summary executions according to Matobato's testimony at the Senate hearing that resulted a lot of controversies because of inconsistencies in his stories.

Matobato also confessed that he went to a bishop in Pangasinan to hide and ensure his safety from death threats. However, he did not reveal the names of  those politicians who helped him during his hideout.

Many Filipino believers said that this is one of the plans of the opposition to throw President Rodrigo Roa Duterte out of the office as they could not file a case against because of an immunity, and what they tried to do was to impeach him.

However, Filipinos now are smart people not because they idolized a thinking president like Duterte, but because they believed that he is a sincere, honest and true leader who has genuine concerns for others. In short, Duterte is not one of the political leaders who are labeled as hypocrites.

Outraged Maranao Leaders Burn Photos of Matobato, De Lima And Trillanes

Photo Credit Ranao Star Mindanao News

By Alon Calinao Dy: Outraged Maranao Leaders burned the images of Witness Edgar Matobato, Senator Leila De Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes for making a shame to the country in front of international communities.

In support to the anti-drug campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte, Maranao leaders had their rallies on the streets to show support and they made it a point that they stand for a truth against opposition who tried to oust President Duterte.

Now more and more Filipinos are calling to encourage Senator De Lima and Senator to have their resignations as the office of the senate rightfully belongs to people who have concerns for the welfare of a majority of Filipinos.

Senator Leila De Lima Cries Over The Alleged Involvement in Drug Trade

By Alon Calinao Dy: Sen. Leila De Lima has expressed her ill feelings about the alleged involvement of illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison when she was still a Justice Secretary during the Aquino Administration.

To get the sympathy of Filipinos around the world, De Lima cried in front of international and local media that it seemed she was like a dead person walking around the corner according to some reports.

De Lima also felt harrassed about the disclosure of her personal mobile and home address as she believed that there were threats on her life coming from unknown people.

Apart from that, De Lima stressed that she could not have privacy now because there 2,000 callers who threatened her and she said to stop comparing Singapore to the Philippines because the real victims were those oppresed who were killed in police operations as some reports would say. 

But this is the real question to Senator De Lima, who are the real victims and oppressed here? The people who were victimized by illegal drugs or the people who were caught and killed doing drug trade in legit police operations against them.

Lea Salonga Believes Philippines is Like Singapore If President Duterte Came Early

By Alon Calinao Dy: Veteran singer and actress Lea Salonga has expressed her opinion about the real situation of the Philippines as she herself could not believe the sudden yet positive change in the country. 

Almost everyone agreed that Philippines has become a narco state as thousands of Filipinos admitted that they used illegal drugs or at least they have tried using narcotics in their lifetime.

Salonga said that "Perhaps if the war on drugs began much ealier, we can be like Singapore." It is true that under Singapore laws if one is caught by illegal drug, that drug suspect might be punished by Death Penalty. This is how Singaporeans protect one another particularly their children's future.

I don't think it is too late to make Philippines a better and safe country for everyone. Filipinos need to support the current administration on their war against illegal drugs, and eliminate those drug lords who destroyed many families and innocent lives.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Senator De Lima Blames Gloria Arroyo And PNoy Aquino For Being A Human Rights Advocate

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Leila De Lima expressed her side of story for being a Human Rights advocate when all she did was to bring back the past and blamed the previous administrations why she still stands today as a Human Rights advocate.

In the statement of Sen. De Lima on Facebook she said "on a personal note, I do not know where all of this will end for me, in the midst of the House inquiry, the Ethics Committee complaint, the election protest, the DOJ persecution, and the President’s attacks. Honestly, this is all the fault of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, when she appointed me as Chair of the Commission on Human Rights, where I learned the value of human life and human dignity, regardless of one’s station in life. This is also the fault of President Benigno S. Aquino III, when he appointed me as Secretary of Justice, where I learned to fight the abuse of power, corruption, and have taken to heart the principle that peace is the work of justice." 

Many Filipinos now know that being a true Human Rights advocate is different from being a "drug protector." A lot of reports allegedly showed that during Senator De Lima tenure as a justice secretary, the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines became so evident. 

I don't think that Senator De Lima is telling the truth when these new reports said that inmate drug lords linked De lima as a "drug protector" and the one who received monthly millions of pesos allowances from them. Perhaps, in my opinion, she is just using her title as a Human Rights advocate but everyone knows how many times she misled the public.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV Blames Sen. Kiko Pangilinan Who Turns Off Sen. Cayetano's Micropone

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has expressed his side that he was not the only one senator who turned off Senator Alan Peter Cayetano's micropone but it was also Senator Kiko Pangilinan during Matobato's testimony at the Senate hearing against Duterte's extrajudicial killings and summary executions when he was still a Davao City mayor.

According to Trillanes Facebook page, he showed a video that Senator Pangilinan and along others turned the micropone off while senator Cayetano still asked questions and investigated Matobato as a credible witness.

Trillanes did not bother what some Filipinos said about him. He believed that what he did was just a right thing to do as some critics called him as an "untouchable" in the Philippines because he could still do what he really wants to do. 

President Rodrigo Duterte Stance: "I Would Rather Lose My Presidency, Than Lose My Dignity"

By Alon Calinao Dy: President Rodrigo Duterte is a man of honor who repeatedly said to all Filipinos around the world that "I would rather lose the election, or lose the presidency, than lose my dignity." In short, he is a man of word.

Filipinos could not see this kind of attitude to some senators who are allegedly involved in illegal drugs, corruption and criminality even though there are a lot of eveidences that would link them to these criminal activities.

The rise of narco politicians in the country in the Philippines is a clear evidence that previous administrations have not done its best to eliminate these drug lords and drug protectors in the country, as they themselves are also involved in the illegal drug trade.

The problem in the Philippines is not what "yellowtards" called decency since the moment many Filipinos suffered because of injustice acts by some elite and powerful Filipinos in the society was the start of downfall of every common Filipino who was calling out for a real leader who could give them a true justice.

When President Duterte became a president, almost everything changed. What's wrong with a true change? Though critics always emphasized that the image of the Philippines became bad because of Duterte's foul language, he is just an honest and sincere political leader who is willing to give his own life for the country. 

Being a solid supporter of President Duterte (Alon Dy), I have not seen any wrong at all because a true respect naturally comes out when you have clean and good intentions for others. It is all about the good legacy of President Duterte what matters the most. After all, his determination for a real change is the hope of every Filipino who aims for a better life.

Senator Ping Lacson Has So Much Admiration To President Rodrigo Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Panfilo Lacson has admired President Rodrigo Duterte for so many good things that happened in the Philippines.

At the start, he could not believe that the war on drugs would be easy for the current Duterte administration to track down those high profile government officials coming from military personnel and powerful politicians.

Lacson said in one of the interviews, " kung naguusap-usap kami ng mga senador, nakakailang taon ba tayo? Parang napakahabang panahon na para sa mga kaganapan at developments, hindi mo iispin wala pang 100 days," referring to positive outcomes in the country.

It is true that before Duterte became a president of the Republic of the Philippines, Digong said that he would change the corrupt system of the government and all you have to do is to have a Political will.

Senator De Lima Fears To Have A Death Penalty in The Philippines

By Alon Calinao Dy: After the investigation about the alleged link of Senator Leila De Lima, reports show that she is afraid for reimposing the death penalty in the Philippines especially to those drug convicts.

De Lima was also allegedly identified by drug lords inside the New Bilibid Prison as a drug lord proctector and would collect nillions of money from their drug collections.

Now some reports say that Senator De Lima fears to bring back the death penalty in the country and eventually fears for her life as the sources would tell that many concerned Filipinos have spotted her house location and mobile number.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Why Manny Pacquiao is A Lot Better Than Senator De Lima And Trillanes

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Manny Pacquiao, a boxing future hall of fame and the only boxer to win world titles in eight different weight divisions, has proven everyone that being a true public servant is not just using your fame, money, and power to destroy's one good reputation.

Pacquiao is a firm believer of God and is committed to serve the Filipino people despite some senators at the Senate laughed at him, and you know who they are, but the fact that he already proved to every Filipino a true meaning of a good public servant. 

During the election day last May 2016, there were these critics who criticized him that much, and most of these critics came from previous administration that he didn't deserve to be respected as a senator because he was not educated from an excellent school.

These are wrong notions of some Filipinos. I don't see it that way. For me Alon Dy, education is important but the most important of all is the heart on how you can help and show a good example to your fellow Filipinos. 

Honestly, Filipinos have been influenced by wrong beliefs that you must be rich and have money to be successful in life. If you believe this way, well, that does not happen always. 

President Rodrigo Duterte has shown every Filipino around the world that he was voted by a majority of Filipinos through their own will not because he has a lot of money in the bank but by having good leadership skills. 

One of the most good qualities of Duterte why he is so admired by Filipinos worldwide is the fact that he is very honest and frank political leader.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Senator De Lima Loses Justice Committe Post Because of Senator Pacquiao

Photo credit: RonaldBatoDelaRosa

Senator Manny Pacquiao appeared to be one of the most promising senators in the Philippines when he helped Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Senator Tito Sotto to vote Senator Leila De Lima out in her Justice Committee post. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

President Duterte Believes There Are More Corrupt Politicians Engage in Drug Trade

By Alon Calinao Dy: President Duterte believes that there are still many corrupt politicians who are involved in illegal drugs in the Philippines. It is just a matter of time that their names will appear in the long lists.

Duterte realized how bad the Philippines was with these narcotics problem everywhere you go across the country. He believed that some government officials tried to hide their true identities as drug protectors.

The president said that He won't stop until the last drop of drug pusher who is ruining the innocent lives especially among children. 

New reports say that President Duterte has a new list of politicians who engaged in illegal drug trade. One of these days it is expected that Duterte would expose and name those politicians who participated in illegal drug operations.

Though President Duterte admitted that a battle against illegal drugs is within his government, he promised a war against them as he truly wanted to eliminate the country's narcotic problem within six months.

Norwegian Ambassador Very Thankful To President Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: Despite allegations that President Duterte is a mass murderer coming from his critics Senator Leila De Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, the Head of State received a thankful message from the Norwegian Ambassador when a Norwegian hostage was turned over to the current administration by the Islamic extremists last Sunday.

Duterte has promised to bring peace and order in the Philippines particularly on war against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption.

The President is determined to eliminate all drug lords and pushers in the country. Thousands of Filipinos already surrendered to Duterte administration and Philippines is actually than ever.

The Ambassador of Norway firmly believes that President Duterte is doing the best he can for the country and for his people.

Drug Lord Herbert Colangco Confirms Senator De Lima As A Drug Protector

By Alon Calinao Dy: Inmate Drug Lord Herbert Colangco allegedly described the involvement of Senator Leila in a drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison and her participation from their drug operation when De Lima was a Department of Justice Secretary and had a control over them.

According to Colangco, he confessed that De Lima was indeed in need of money and spent millions of pesos for her senatorial campaign last May 2016.

The drug lord also knew that De Lima would do everything to block the investigation of President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the rampant and issues of illegal drugs in the country.

In the statement of Colangco, he said that De Lima at least received 3 million pesos each month from their drug trade. 

Paolo Duterte Not Afraid Despite Threats On His Life From Opposition

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reports say that Presidential son Paolo Duterte is not afraid despite increasing threats on his life and the life of his father, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Paolo is aware that it is a high risk for President Duterte to expose those powerful people in the government who are involved in illegal drugs and corruption.

The vice mayor Duterte added that the involvement of some high-ranking military personnel would make his father a target of assassination. But he also believed that Filipinos are there to support and protect the president against his war on drugs.

President Duterte And PNP Chief Bato Got More Support From Filipinos

After a senate hearing on the alleged extrajudicial killings and summary executions about Davao Death Squad (DDS) by witness Edgar Matobato, many outraged Filipinos  came together to support the current administration.

Many Filipinos blamed Senator Trillanes, Senator Drilon, Senator Hontiveros, and Senator De lima as masterminds to impeach President Rodrigo Duterte to replace Vice President Leni Robredo as a president according to widespread news on social media.

Senator Cayetano believed that the opposition has a PLAN B. they have desperate moves to remove President Duterte in the office since he is the only trusted highest official who fought for the poor and for the good of this country.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Is Senator Antonio Trillanes Untouchable?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Antonio Trillanes has been very vocal that President Rodrigo Duterte is an evil leader. At the start, he accused Duterte for having millions of pesos on his BPI bank account. 

After that, Trillanes did not stop there. he spent so much money on TV ads using children condemning President Duterte a few days before the actual day of May 2016 election.

Now, Trillanes and Sen. Leila De Lima came back with a witness named Edgar Matobato who believed a member of Davao Death Squad (DDS). 

Reports say that the witness Matobato was under the protection of Senator Trillanes, but many people who watched at the Senate hearing did not believe that Matobato was a credible witness.

Now the question: is Senator Trillanes really untouchable? I mean many Filipinos said that he was such a big disgrace to all Filipinos all over the world. 

But if it's true he is spreading stories that are "lies and fabrications", why Trillanes can still continue to spread with these fabricated stories? Who are powerful people protecting and behind trillanes? Is there someone who can stop him?

I guess it is the duty of every Filipino to protect and support the integrity of current administration and the name of our country. Trillanes could be untouchable because nobody in the senate would fight against him, but it is not right to have a "fake" witness that would eventually destroy the reputation of our country.

Watch U.S.President Barack Obama Speaks And Understands The Fight of President Rodrigo Duterte Against War on Drugs

U.S. President Barack Obama understood the fight of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on his war against illegal drugs and did not take it personally about his comments. 

Different countries are now cooperating and fighting for a bigger problem of drug trafficking as what the world leaders said in their conference.

Senator Tito Sotto To File A Case Against Senator De Lima And Senator Treillanes For A 'Fake' Witness

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Tito Sotto and other senators, who heard and attended Matobato's testimony against President Rodrigo Duterte when he was still a mayor of Davao City regarding his involvement on extrajudicial killings and summary executions, were not satisfied.

Sotto had a couple of questions to the witness Edgar Matobato regarding his participation on the said extrajudicial killings. But the witness did not collaborate well his story.

When Sotto asked Matobato about a sworn affidavit, Senator De lima immediately interrupted stating that the Office of the Chair will assist the witness in making the affidavit after the hearing. 

It seemed Senator Sotto felt disappointed about this move and how come this Matobato did not make a sworn affidavit before making a public statement against President Duterte. Playing safe?

Like millions of Filipinos around the world, most who attended were not satisfied to the testimony of the witness, and when asked who arranged Matobato's arrival, Senator Antonio Trillanes tried to stop Senator Cayetano questioning the credibility of the witness and the names of his protectors.

Senador Manny Pacquiao Pinahiya si Senador Leila De Lima Tungkol sa Death Penalty

Senador Manny Pacquiao pinahiya nya si Senador Leila De Lima tungkol sa Death Penalty. 

Ayon kay Pilipino Boxing Champ, wala naman problema sa Death Penalty dahil sa lumalalang krimen sa bansa.

De Lima ayaw na ayaw sa Death Penalty. Bakit kaya? Sabi ni Pacquiao, lalong dumami ang mga nagtitindi ng mga shabu dahil walang kinakatakotan ang mga drug lords sa bansa.

Ipinagtanggol naman sya ni Senator Tito Sotto sa pagbabalik ng Death Penalty sa Pilipinas. Si De Lima, gusto nya lang ayosin ang sistema pero hindi ito sapat para masugpo ang paglaganap ng ipinagbabawal na gamot.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Why Senator Panfilo Lacson Believes Edgar Matobato is a Liar

Senator Panfilo Lacson believes that the Senate should verify first their witness before asking to have a testimony. The senator believed that the witness was lying when Matobato said that his companions killed the victim outside McDonald when in fact the said killing occurred at the office. 

Do You Believe in Matobato's Testimony Against President Rodrigo Duterte?

Edgar Matobato

By Alon Calinao Dy: The witness Edgar Matobato did not prove at the Senate the involvement of President Rodrigo Duterte on extrajudicial killings and summary executions when Duterte was still mayor of Davao City.

It is evident that Matobato is obviously not telling the truth when Senator Cayetano tried to find out the whole story. The witness remained silent most of the time. 

When Senator Cayetano asked who brought him to the senate and his protectors, this was the time when Senator Trillanes turned off the microphone and started to trash talk to Cayetano.

Of course, Senator Cayetano reacted to Trillanes' disrespectful manner in front of millions of Filipinos around the world who watched the live coverage at the Senate.

Senator Cayetano was right when he said that these are all "lies and fabrications" and PLAN B of opposition to destroy the image of current administration and the reputation of our country as well.

Outraged netizens wanted Senator Leila de Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to be removed at the office as they're such a big disgrace to Filipino community according to them.

Controversial Photo of Senator Leila De Lima With Drug Lord Kerwin Espinosa

Senator Leila De Lima denied the accusations of her link to a big time and drug lord Kerwin Espinosa. According to her, she couldn't remember anything about this photo and it was probably during the election period last May 2016. 

Apart from that, De Lima had a collection of pictures with other jailed drug lords at the New Bilibid Prison wherein she was also allegedly linked as a "drug protector" among them.

Watch Senate President Koko Pimentel: Bastos Masyado si Senator Trillanes

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV binastos si Senator Alan Peter Cayetano matapos itong patayan ng micropono na kinagalit naman ng maraming Pilipino. 

Sa kasalukuyan, maraming Pilipino ang gustong ipatanggal si Trillanes sa senado at nagsabing kung sa kanilang nangyari iyon ay makakatikim si Sen. Trillanes ng gusto nya.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Senator Trillanes Called President Duterte As Ampatuan of Maguindanao

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is back to compare President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the Ampatuan of Maguindanao and a Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar after self-confessed assassin Edgar Matobato accused the head of state in the killing of several people in Davao City.

Trillanes said that Duterte is worse than Ampatuan family who could kill anybody who is against his administration and worse than drug cartel leader Escobar when he was interviewed by the media at the senate.

Trillanes also warned Senator Cayetano to stop questioning the witness since he consumed a lot of time at the senate during his interrogation to prove the credibility of the witness who most of the time did not answer Cayetano's questions about President Duterte's linked to extrajudicial killings and summary executions.

Though the witness story seemed doubtful, Trillanes said he believes Matobato a "very credible witness." But speaking of being a credible witness, it seemed most people in the senate do not agree with senator Trillanes when he repeatedly blocked questioning on the witness story.

Despite a heated argument between Trillanes and Cayetano during Matobato's testimony, Senator De Lima did not manage well the both camps and obviously was siding at the corner of teammate Trillanes.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Senator De Lima And Senator Antonio Trillanes III Work Together To Impeach President Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Alan Cayetano wanted to know the truth and credibility of a witness who said that President Rodrigo Duterte was involved in the extrajudicaial killings in the Philippines.

The witness was afraid to reveal the whole story that may be the reason why Cayetano was not satisfied with his story if he is telling the truth or here to embarrass the present administration. 

Being a witness who could not remember the time and date of the said event and the rest of his story, seemed signal Cayetano to go further for questioning his credibility.

Senator Trillanes annoyed Senator Cayetano as he disrespected him as if both De Lima at TRillanes tried to halt Cayetano questioning the witness when the witness remained silent and did not participate the rest of conversation.

Cayetano seemed right that Trillanes acted as an arrogant in front of international media and millions of Filipinos who watched the live coverage.

Like millions of Filipinos, Cayetano wanted to know the whole truth but the witness kept saying that he was saying the truth repeatedly, and also raised the question who helped him in this case. 

Though the witness said that it was a Monsignor in Pangasinan who helped throughout his disapearance, the witness seemed reluctant to reveal the people behind this black propaganda to impeach the president of the Philippines.

In a direct manner, Cayetano warned the opposition if this move is just a way to confuse the current administration about the alleged involvement of Senator De Lima in drug trade and put the position of President Duterte at stake. It seemed the witness was uncooperative and did not answer most of the questions of Cayetano, which was suggested by his lawyer.

Senator Risa Hontiveros alledgely Poisons The Minds of Young Filipinos About Marcos Martial Law

By Alon Calinao Dy: In the middle of controversies, whether late President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., will be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani or not, Senator Hontiveros spread the copies of Marcos Martial Law: Never Again book that may send wrong messages to young Filipinos in the Philippines.

Critics also said that Senator Hontiveros should act like a senator and stop the spread of lies about Marcos. They added that she should not bring her being activist to the senate and should help the current administration about their fight against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption if she truly loves Filipinos.

Hontiveros and De Lima are the lady senators and critics who questioned the Duterte administration about extra judicial killings across the country. However, De Lima was allegedly linked to illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison that enraged Filipino people.

Marcos loyalists now say that the distribution is illegal as the Department of Education does not authorize the lady senator to circulate these books to the young Filipinos, and also this taught us division among ourselves.

Contrary to what Sen. Hontiveros said that it helps bring awareness to the youth about the dark side of Martial Law, this book may serve as a black propaganda for their personal interests and power in the country. It is also evident that she had personal grudge against Marcoses and the former president.

Despite the fact that the Duterte administration is doing its best to promote unity, peace and order in the country, some critics use their influence to derail the good agenda of the government. Recently, lots of news came out to put a bad image of President Duterte in front of international media so that their own greed personal interests should prevail.

Which Came First: Chicken or Egg?

Photo credit: Knowledge Publisher

By Alon Calinao Dy: This question: which came first between Chicken or egg? Children would argue that it was chicken, others would say that there was no chicken without an egg. 

But the truth reveals that chicken came first before egg, and so people should believe that there was a CREATOR.

Although the video below says that egg came first creating chicken, I would argue for that. 

Protein is very essential.  "They are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs."

Though it is hard to argue that both chicken and egg contain protein. Simple thing that would answer this question that production of egg needs protein that chicken could give before the hatch or the chick emerges from the egg.

Senator Leila De Lima Asks What To Do: Resign or Shot Herself?

By Alon Calinao Dy: The critic and lady senator Leila De lima asks the public what to do if she would shot herself or resign after she made a public statement in front of the Philippine media. 

De lima admitted that a lot of Filipinos love her and wanted her to continue her duties and responsibilities as a senator. That's why Senator De lima may not resign from her office.

This statement alone of the said senator enraged a lot of netizens, saying that De Lima should resign now before the alleged accusations come true. 

Senator De Lima was allegedly pointed out as a "mastermind and protector" of illegal drugs in the Philippines particularly the controlled drug substance inside the New Bilibid Prison.

Apart from that, De lima had an alleged scandal video circulated on social media that lots of Filipinos wondered why she still has guts to stay in the senate. 

De lima remained the  number one critic of President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the issues of extra judicial killings in the country. 

However, in just a few months alone, thousands of drug users and pushers surrendered to the authorities and many drug raids proved that the current administration was effective in their battle against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption across the country.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Watch How Biased Media Twists And Edits The Truth About U.S. Troops In The Philippines

Obviously, President Rodrigo Duterte did not mean to offend the U.S. troops in the Philippines. It is the biased media who edited and distorted his words to make a  video as this that would frustrate our Filipino- American people.