Senator De Lima And Senator Antonio Trillanes III Work Together To Impeach President Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Alan Cayetano wanted to know the truth and credibility of a witness who said that President Rodrigo Duterte was involved in the extrajudicaial killings in the Philippines.

The witness was afraid to reveal the whole story that may be the reason why Cayetano was not satisfied with his story if he is telling the truth or here to embarrass the present administration. 

Being a witness who could not remember the time and date of the said event and the rest of his story, seemed signal Cayetano to go further for questioning his credibility.

Senator Trillanes annoyed Senator Cayetano as he disrespected him as if both De Lima at TRillanes tried to halt Cayetano questioning the witness when the witness remained silent and did not participate the rest of conversation.

Cayetano seemed right that Trillanes acted as an arrogant in front of international media and millions of Filipinos who watched the live coverage.

Like millions of Filipinos, Cayetano wanted to know the whole truth but the witness kept saying that he was saying the truth repeatedly, and also raised the question who helped him in this case. 

Though the witness said that it was a Monsignor in Pangasinan who helped throughout his disapearance, the witness seemed reluctant to reveal the people behind this black propaganda to impeach the president of the Philippines.

In a direct manner, Cayetano warned the opposition if this move is just a way to confuse the current administration about the alleged involvement of Senator De Lima in drug trade and put the position of President Duterte at stake. It seemed the witness was uncooperative and did not answer most of the questions of Cayetano, which was suggested by his lawyer.

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