'Untouchable' Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Finds New Evidences On Matobato's Claims

By Alon Calinao Dy: Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV has not stopped there and wants to prove that Matobato's testimony is true as he'd promised a few days ago to come up with new evidences that would link President Duterte to extrajudicial killings and summary executions during his term as a Davao City mayor.

Perhaps, Filipinos are more aware and intelligent than ever before. As I still remember, Senator Trillanes gathered and presented evidences against Duterte that he had multi-million pesos at the BPI bank, but later proved that the said accusations were proven wrong and merely speculations from unknown sources.

Trillanes and his cohorts have not actually found new evidences even if they would have another "PLAN B"according to Senator Cayetano to destroy the good reputations of the current administration. If Matobato was really telling the truth, it would be easy for him to tell everything he knew. But it seems he was waiting for a coach in every speech.

Perhaps, Trillanes tried to cover up De Lima against her alleged involvement in illegal drug trade. But Filipinos need to know the whole truth and what's the reason behind this black propaganda against President Duterte.

If this is to embarrass President Duterte, then it seems the reputation of the Philippines is at stake. Every Filipino all over the world is affected because opposition has committed a terrible mistake in trying to put Duterte administration down.

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