President Duterte Believes There Are More Corrupt Politicians Engage in Drug Trade

By Alon Calinao Dy: President Duterte believes that there are still many corrupt politicians who are involved in illegal drugs in the Philippines. It is just a matter of time that their names will appear in the long lists.

Duterte realized how bad the Philippines was with these narcotics problem everywhere you go across the country. He believed that some government officials tried to hide their true identities as drug protectors.

The president said that He won't stop until the last drop of drug pusher who is ruining the innocent lives especially among children. 

New reports say that President Duterte has a new list of politicians who engaged in illegal drug trade. One of these days it is expected that Duterte would expose and name those politicians who participated in illegal drug operations.

Though President Duterte admitted that a battle against illegal drugs is within his government, he promised a war against them as he truly wanted to eliminate the country's narcotic problem within six months.

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