Catholic Church Faces A Big Challenge Because of its Alleged Corrupt Leaders

By Alon Calinao Dy: It is true that the Catholic Church in the Philippines has become one of the largest institutions in our country. But one can even say that the Church is not doing its best to help the government on how to prevent heinous crimes.

Photo spread on social media that religious nuns and priests seem happy showing this photo on social media after drinking alcoholic beverages.

I notice on how the Church still seems to have considerable control over the Philippines both in political and social terms. 

I think it would be better if the Catholic Church would put the issues of politics aside and let the government do its job on how to resolve the country's problems of illegal drugs.

Filipino people deserve a life that is safe for everyone, and those who are committing heinous crimes should not go unpunished.  Though these criminals are still everywhere and have the power to get the sympathy from the Church and its people, the government must remain strong to punish all those cruel criminals. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "the Church won’t allow for the use of contraceptives in order to encourage our youths to be more “responsible” is actually putting more risks to young people rather than helping them as many of them are not yet ready to be responsible."

I am not attacking the Catholic Church because I want to. These are the realities that the leaders of the organization don't see till now. I seriously don't know why they continue to insist their idealogy that whatever it is killing is an evil act when in fact it saves more innocent lives than just one person or a few of people.

I graduated from a high school seminary and I understood what it is like to value life. But everything changes now, and the one of the best things I've learned when I was a seminarian was to have a self-discipline. The institution itself taught us that if we did something wrong, one should be accountable and responsible enough to accept punishment.

I don't see any difference now with our current administration. President Duterte is trying his best to eliminate those drug lords that continue to kill innocent children and destroy every family in the society. I think the Catholic Church should replace their leaders right now who are committed to serve the poor than committed to interfere to a number of political issues.

I do believe that Filipinos are smarter now than ever before because they can access to a lot of information these days. They are not just Filipino followers but they are thinking Filipinos who know what is right and wrong. That's why you just can't tell them to conduct a rally at EDSA. As what I said, they are now THINKING FILIPINOS.

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