Senator Lacson To Leila De Lima: 'You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide'

By Alon Calinao Dy: Many different reports surfaced on the internet about the plan of Senator Leila De Lima to hide in other countries particularly in the United States.

Since there is no 'hold departure order' for the lady, the alleged drug protector Leila De Lima can travel anywhere she wants to be even though some people claimed that she has pending cases of being part of illegal drug trade in the Philippines.

Senator Lacson said to De Lima in a form of joke or whatever you interpret it that she should return to the Philippines and do not follow what he did in the past.

Filipinos are very aware now that the lady senator might hide somewhere else, like in the Philippines, there were already many instances that government officials went to other countries in order to avoid getting punishment that they deserve.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "a true public servant should not be afraid to face charges against him or her if she is really an innocent person. Perhaps, this is the time for payback because everything comes to an end."

Netizens have a common knowledge that before you attain a right justice in the Philippine court law, it takes a lot of time and patience in order for the criminals to receive a certain sentence. 

The problem for this is that, sometimes, witnesses get killed by the suspect/s before it has a final verdict. Even President Rodrigo Duterte himself acknowledged this kind of problem that when it comes to judicial system, there is much need to improve...

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