Is Leni Robredo Resigning Because of a Vice Presidential Recount?

The vice president of the Philippines, Leni Robredo, has some doubts if ever she will remain as a vice president in 2017 because of a vice presidential recount that may in favor to the former Senator Bongbong Marcos, Jr. 
Leni Robredo has faced a lot of controversies after she was fired by Duterte administration and after she went to United States of America while people in her provice suffered the devastation of Typhoon Nina that destroyed the properties of the people.

Many Filipinos have some doubts whether Robredo really won in the last 2016 elections. That's why a lot of Marcos followers said to have an election recount to remove the spectulations that Robredo won through PCOS machine and a form of cheating. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "there is now a Facebook page asking Filipinos if Robredo really won for the vice presidency. Also, there is now a Facebook page named Resign Leni Robredo Resign to garner likes and votes for Robredo's resignation from her post."

Aside from the alleged electoral fraud, Robredo's being a human rights lawyers always criticized President Rodrigo Duterte's fight against illegal drugs in the country, as if bl├áming the President as a Mastermind  of all extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. 

Being a political newcomer, Robredo is also used by her Liberal Party and yellow minions to influence the current administration. But President Duterte is a wise and thinking president who has a firm decision regarding his stance to eliminate all drug dealers in the country. 

President Duterte once said that "if a criminal fights, and he fights to the death, you can kill him." After he said this statement, lots of critics questioned his tough on crime approach and there had been many misinterpretations about what he said. They thought that he disregarded the due process completely.

Mr. Dy said that what the critics see now is the complete opposite of what most Filipinos think about the performance of the president. They only believe that what President Duterte is doing now is wrong and inhumane... But the truth is, Duterte is doing the best he can to remove all these drug syndicates that may involve law enforcers, judges, politicians, and businessmen. 

In the Philippines, Filipinos need a great and strong leader like President Duterte, and not a leader with a soft heart for the criminals who continue to operate illegal drugs, rape innocent women, and bribe high-profile government officials including those religious leaders because of their huge donations.

Now going back, is Leni Robredo resigning because of a vice presidential recount? According to some reports, there is a big possibility that Marcos was the real winner last May elections since the alleged votes came from Southern parts of Luzon came late. 

However, let us not speculate. Let us see what are the final results of the vice presidential recount. Whoever wins the recount, Filipinos should learn how to respect the election results in 2016.

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