Edu Manzano on President Rodrigo Duterte: I Am A Supporter Of A Better Change

Actor and TV Host Edu Manzano has expressed his personal opinions about the Duterte administration. He said, "I believe we're heading on the right direction..." He also said that Filipinos need someone like President Rodrigo Duterte. 
Edu Manzano is one of the supporters of a real change in the country. He emphasized the importance of education among young Filipinos. 
Edu Manzano is a supporter of Senator Grace Poe who lost the last May Elections in 2016. Though he lost for a senatorial race last year under Poe, he believes that Duterte has the courage to change the old corrupt system of the government. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "If you remember, Senator Grace Poe and her cohorts were the first ones who congratulated Duterte for his victory. And the last people were those under the allies of former Aquino administration."

Manzano and Dy believe that someone with the determination, the character, and the will like President Duterte is what the Filipino people and country need right now. 

According to Manzano, "I'm a supporter of change. And it doesn't matter who does it. If someone is sincere and is willing to fray the nerves of individuals if only to effect change and make this a better country for all Filipinos, I will always support them."

It is the duty of every Filipino to fight illegal drugs, criminalities and corruption and to protect the President for whatever the evil plans of the opposition and oligarchs. Everyone can help the government and change the corrupt system of the government.

I believe that this is a right time for Filipinos to have a unity. Do not let these rich and powerful people dictate us what to do. Let us unite for a real change, and do not let these few well-known families give an opportunity for a political power. For what??!! To steal the people's money all over again??!! Never Again...

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