Watch President Duterte's Interview With CNN Senior Anchor Pinky Webb: Are You Satisfied With President Duterte Performance?

After the interview of President Rodrigo Duterte with CNN Senior Anchor Pinky Webb, I could feel that President Duterte wants to leave a good legacy for people in and outside the country.   

President Duterte believes that he has a mission and God wanted him to be the president of the Republic of the Philippines even without machinery and money.

President Duterte also believes in destiny that he was destined to govern the country to solve one of the major problems of illegal drugs involving policemen and narco politicians, criminalities and corruption. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "President Duterte is a true and honest leader. He has no 'utang na loob' for any politician except those four politicians he mentioned in the interview. He was a duly elected president in the Philippines, and a true champion of the poor and hungry for a better change." 

Duterte said that if the government is only a clean and honest one, there is no point why the government can't give assistance for the poor and for those who are in need of required services.

The President admitted that those yellow minions and oligarchs wanted to remove him from the presidency. He realized that he has a great purpose, and a majority of Filipino people wanted him to do his job as a president. 

Senior Anchor Pinky Webb asked the president if he is open again to give Vice President Leni Robrebo a cabinet position under his government, he said that he does not need her right now. 

Filipinos should understand that Robredo is one of the alleged people who wanted to oust President Duterte. She was spotted in one of the protests that these rallyists have placards saying "Resign Duterte."

President Duterte already gave Robredo a chance to be part of a real and better change in this country, but what Robredo did she has had an ambition in a number of protests that encourage some activists to overthrow the President. 

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