Senator Leila De Lima: What is Wrong If I Am In Love With Ronnie Dayan?

By Alon Calinao Dy: The lady senator De Lima believes that there is nothing right and wrong when you are truly in love with Ronnie Dayan. 

 We became so close. That’s it. I trusted him. Siyempre, naano po ang loob ko,” De Lima said.

Often it is easy for some Filipinos to judge other Filipinos when they are freaking out because their heart is overflowing with love. What is wrong with Sen. De Lima? She is a public servant and many Filipinos is expecting her to be a role model for everyone. 

What is wrong with Senator De Lima? She repeatedly denied all these allegations until she was cornered and admitted about the past relationship. Instead, she accused President Duterte being vindictive as she opposed his bloody war on illegal drugs.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said that " I think Filipinos are not being judgemental against Senator Leila De Lima, they just want to know the whole truth because these people are already tired about lies and corrupt system of the government." 

I think one of the big problems of Senator De Lima, she kept silent about the affair even President Rodrigo Duterte himself knew about it and even if many Filipinos knew about it.

Recently, De Lima made the confession exclusively on Winnie Monsod’s “Bawal ang Pasaway” program last November 14 on GMA News TV. The lady senator said when Monsod asked why, given her status, she fell in love with a driver like Dayan.

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