President Duterte To Senator Miriam Santiago: Remember, Miriam

By Alon Calinao Dy: Former Senator Miriam Santiago is known as "Iron Lady of Asia" and President Rodrigo Duterte said to the one of the brightest senators if not the smartest of all to remember her memories. 

It was so sad to know that Philippines lost one of the best leaders Filipinos ever had. But may her soul rest in peace and continue to guide our country and our people according to statement of President Duterte.

Miriam Santiago reminded Filipinos that life on earth is short and that let's do good things for others because all of us are just passengers in this world, and whatever people have could not be brought to another life.

This is a message to our beloved President Duterte to always remember MIRIAM SANTIAGO who fought for the rights of other people especially for the poor. An iron lady who hated corruption in the government. 

Santiago, who battled a very hard fight against a lung cancer, died last Thursday at the age of 71 while she was asleep in the morning, but her memories will always be remembered by many Filipinos around the world. 

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