Why Manny Pacquiao is A Lot Better Than Senator De Lima And Trillanes

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Manny Pacquiao, a boxing future hall of fame and the only boxer to win world titles in eight different weight divisions, has proven everyone that being a true public servant is not just using your fame, money, and power to destroy's one good reputation.

Pacquiao is a firm believer of God and is committed to serve the Filipino people despite some senators at the Senate laughed at him, and you know who they are, but the fact that he already proved to every Filipino a true meaning of a good public servant. 

During the election day last May 2016, there were these critics who criticized him that much, and most of these critics came from previous administration that he didn't deserve to be respected as a senator because he was not educated from an excellent school.

These are wrong notions of some Filipinos. I don't see it that way. For me Alon Dy, education is important but the most important of all is the heart on how you can help and show a good example to your fellow Filipinos. 

Honestly, Filipinos have been influenced by wrong beliefs that you must be rich and have money to be successful in life. If you believe this way, well, that does not happen always. 

President Rodrigo Duterte has shown every Filipino around the world that he was voted by a majority of Filipinos through their own will not because he has a lot of money in the bank but by having good leadership skills. 

One of the most good qualities of Duterte why he is so admired by Filipinos worldwide is the fact that he is very honest and frank political leader.

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