Who Really Stole The Vice Presidential Seat, Is It Marcos or Robredo?

Many people warned of a plot to steal the Presidency. After Leni Robredo's video leaked to social media. Many have chosen to speak in public about this video.

From the very beginning, Robredo is allegedly blamed for destabilizing the government since Leni and the President had major differences in principles and values. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "since after the May 2016 election, many people said that Leni Robredo won through a PCOS machine. I wonder why if this allegation is true since I found out that lots of people believe that it is true." 

I had hoped that to clarify this issue, the recount should be made to public so that the people will know the whole truth. 

I know there are differences between Marcos and Robredo, but it is just to let people know what happened in the last May 2016 election and who's really the duly elected vice president. 
So, I guess it would not hurt everyone if people wanted to have a recount. 

If the accusation is true that Vice President camp is trying to block the recount, I wonder why they are afraid to know the truth. I wonder why if Robredo said "I will not allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen" if she really meant it. Just a question, who really stole the vice presidential seat? Is it Marcos or Robredo? 

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