This Fraud Number +1877-492-1846 Victimizes Credit Card Holders And Earns US Millions of Dollars

By Alon Calinao Dy: If you are a credit card holder, watch out for this fraud number +1877-492-1846, you may be a next victim like me. Though it charged me only $3.95 and $3.90 almost every week, if you are going to sum up all the people that they have victimized in different countries particularly here in the US, I believe they already took millions of dollars from your credit cards.  

On March 13, 2017, when I booked a flight going to California, I thought I was talking to a customer service of Southwest Airlines, but later found out that I was not and the fraud caller even transferred me to the real one. I never thought to see this fraud number +1877-492-1846 in their list. I don't understand why. 

Beware. This caller would convince you to subscribe to their magazine in exchange for a free $100 US gift check, but the truth is, you would not hear from them after you signed up with them and would not even receive the product as it would keep on charging your credit card. 

I never imagined this unknown caller with fraud number existed for so many years and still continue to operate and victimize innocent people till now. These were the events  and testimonies of some credit card holders who had been victimized before.

If you are one of the victims, call your bank and cancel you card right away especially if you have given your card number for they can keep charging you. You can also file a dispute to get the money back that they already took from you. 

Nobody wants to be a fraud victim but if this happens to you, one should do something about it to stop this criminal activity. I don't understand why so many people had been victimized by this fraud number yet it still exists today. 

After reading this article, if you are one of the people who cares and loves for others, please share this post to everyone so that many people will be aware of what happened.

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