Why Senator Manny Pacquiao Always Reads The Bible?

Many people might not want Manny in the Senate. Is it because he speaks the truth? He has been criticized because he wanted to bring back the death penalty in the Philippines. 
In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy he said, "Manny Pacquiao reads and speaks truth about the Bible. Some people might argue about the reimposement of death penalty but our country needs it at this time when criminals have no fear to victimize innocent people."
Bible is the source of knowledge of Manny Pacquiao
 These people, who think that Pacquiao's views about death penalty is wrong because it is not the law of God according to the 10th commandents, are actually most of them who tolerate illegal activities in our country
"Manny Pacquiao has been criticized tremendously but Manny Pacquiao does not back down," Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, Pacquiao's supporter and friend.
The truth, many Filipinos do not read the Bible. According to People's Champ, it is his source of power and knowledge and wven those who do not regularly read the holy scripture will say that every true event was written in this book. 
Religious people have also criticized Manny Pacquiao for being too religious in the Senate. Is it because he strongly agrees to capital punishment or is it because they envy Pacquiao for speaking the truth that lots of people listen to him?
This is one of the reasons why President Rodrigo Duterte said that some priests and religious preachers are hypocrites. The reality about the religion is that there are a lot of issues about jealousy, sexual abuse and molestations, corruption, politics, power, and many more. One may ask, is religion evil?
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