Watch Video: German National Threatens A Filipino Driver in Parañaque City

A foreign driver, either Danish or German, caught in camera intimidating, banging the car's door and being physically aggressive to a Filipino driver as this is how Jessica Kaye Ignacio described the foreigner who threatened the driver of their car.

According to Judge Maria Roma, in Parañaque City also known as Rarity bgsc on Facebook, the foreigner is driving a Nissan Xtrail with plate no. ZEP 994 who got off his car and almost hit their vehicle. Angrily, this outsider wanted a fight against a Filipino motorist who remained calm at the wheel despite hostile behavior shown to him. 

Rarity called the police. After she called the police, this foreign national suddenly responded to a foreign language, denying that he could understand English. The lady judge said, "when he realized that I wasn't backing off, and after I introduced myself, he hurriedly left the vehicle, and escaped."

Rarity called this foreigner as a "bully." In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "road bullying happens in any part of the globe, but it should not be tolerated and accepted as this would result physical harm among drivers and passengers. As much as possible, stay calm during road rage."

After the incident happened last February 14, a Valentine's Day in Parañaque City, Philippines, Ms. Ignqcio shared this post in social media. 

Through thousand shares on Facebook, this foreigner was identified by the police officials and concerned citizens who helped Jessica Kaye Ignacio and Maria Roma so that this incident would never happen again to anyone. 

Ms. Ignacio and Ms. Roma have expressed their hard feelings and anger about the incident as they could not stand and watch those abusive drivers who are road-rage bullies. I think we should not be silent witnessess of road bullying. SPEAK UP!

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