The End of the Road For Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has some old issues against President Rodrigo Duterte. I thought these allegations were already resolved. I thought he got the answer from the BPI manager that such accusations were not real. In reality, Trillanes should be background check since he himself has some allegations of corruption of where he got the money from that worth millions of pesos TV commercials just to destroy Duterte's reputations before the actual May 2016 election.     

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "Sen. Trillanes has no position to order President Duterte to open his bank account when the senator
 himself is hiding something. Ask these questions, who are his sponsors that spent millions of pesos for TV ads during the campaign last May 2016 elections? How much did Trillanes receive for doing this?"

Trillanes could not prove anything that Duterte has millions of pesos in his bank account. He made this accusation before but then it was proven as hearsay against Duterte and the BPI manager told that these allegations from Senator Trillanes were not real. Thus, Trillanes has no credibility at all.

As what Mocha Uson said to her blog post, Trillanes should also open his bank account to see if he has no illegal wealth. As far as I could remember, Trillanes already said that he would resign as a senator if his disclosure was wrong, but it was wrong and the BPI manager said that the former mayor of Davao City had no millions of pesos in his bank account.

So, what is Trillanes trying to prove? I don't know. He is making accusation without concrete evidence. Perhaps, this is one of the tactics of the opposition as what Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said, "this is a desperate attempt of Senator Trillanes to stop the reforms that are happening now kasi marami sigurong padrino niya o nasa likod nya at tinatamaan ng reforms na nagaganap ngayon."

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